psychedelic Sunday

We had a big day of hiking yesterday so decided to take it easy today and just bring some sandwiches to the beach. We found a bench not far from Point Pinos Lighthouse, which is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast. We were not trailblazers, eating on this bench, as the wildlife soon informed us.

I don’t mean to bother you
but if you could be so kind as to perhaps
share a bite of that tuna sandwich I’d be ever so–
not so fast, vermin, this is my corner
I’m going to get that bitch

Neither squirrel nor gull got an intentional bite out of us. I did drop a small piece of lettuce right next to my shoe, and the squirrel was there in a flash to eat it, then stood up on its back legs clapping its little paws together asking for more. That was…odd.

After we were done eating and were crawling around on the rocks, I saw another squirrel. Same squirrel? Who knows. I started clucking at it, like you do to a horse or dog, and that little fucker ran right up to me. Stared at me long enough to realize I didn’t have anything to feed it, then it ran off. So I can cross, “Get a squirrel to come to you like a dog” off my bucket list.

Saw what looked like a fin way out. Zoomed my camera as far as it would go and snapped away, unable to see what it was until I uploaded the shots to my computer.

huh, that’s a flipper
oh – is that a dead flipper?

A quick google suggests I might have gotten a shot of a sea lion (or maybe a seal) that is “sailing,” which means it’s either sleeping or regulating its body temperature. Not dead. We’ll go with that.

Finally, we saw some really beautiful–and slightly psychedelic–tide pools.



tide pool

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