tastes of home

When you can’t find frozen margaritas and queso, make it yo’self. Yes, yes, I know frozen margaritas are not the best way to enjoy your tequila, and the climate here isn’t even remotely right for that kind of icy drank, but come on. Nostalgia doesn’t give a shit.

Before moving, James and I ate Tex-Mex on Friday nights. Every Friday night. The venues changed–Teotihuacan, Spanish Village, Tony’s, Tia Maria–but the appetizer and beverage were consistent. So we brought some of that flavor to the West Coast this Friday. (It won’t be a common occurrence–a tiny thing of Velveeta costs $7.)

we pulled out our finest crystal for this special drink
we pulled out our finest crystal for this special occasion
James is serious about his margarita making
did you know there’s a lime shortage? your grocer knows and is happy to tell you all about it via charging 69 cents for one fucking lime
the Tex-Mex trifecta: frozen margaritas, queso and guacamole
the Tex-Mex trifecta: frozen margaritas, queso and guacamole (notice the framed image of Houston’s skyline in the background) (next to the gnome)
made a batch of Robb Walsh's cheese enchiladas - that's not meat in the gravy - it's just really chunky gravy
Robb Walsh’s cheese enchiladas

I’ve yet to perfect restaurant queso (I think I need to buy a big can of nasty fake cheese from a food supplier in order to get it right) and the meatless gravy on the enchiladas was a little chunky (my fault for letting it sit too long), but the margaritas were good and our Tex-Mex cravings were quelled. At least for a little while.


4 responses to “tastes of home”

  1. Those Schlitz goblets are AWESOME!

    I’m pretty lazy on the queso… one small block of velveeta, one can rotel, extra onions and jalapenos if so desired. And any leftover meat (minced up) from steak night makes it a party.

    We sure miss you here in Houston.

    • Thanks, Dr. Ned. And Velveeta queso is fine, but it’s still a personal goal to figure out how in the hell they make queso at restaurants. Not fancy queso with good cheese. I’m talking about that runny stuff with the side of pickled jalapeños. I’ve tried recipe after recipe with no success (though getting to try out queso recipes, even if they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, is still a great way to pass the time).

  2. Restaurant supply place will be your best bet for the canned nacho cheese for that true ball park cheesy globiness. I also like the Schlitz goblets. Nothing but class right there….might be fourth class but retro cool.
    I am not much for the Marg thing. Sometimes when I am in Albuquerque because my sister knows all the real good joints. And I can’t drink Tequila in other forms due to “the incident” a few years back.
    Tex-mex is a good meal. I really like it, especially when the chips are hand-made and fresh and the veggies are fresh.

    • Ah, Jim, anyone worth their salt has a tequila “incident” somewhere back there.

      Good idea on the restaurant supply option. I’m going to check that out.

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