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Yesterday was my 44th birthday. The plan was to work a bike ride into the festivities, but it rained most of the day. Which wouldn’t be remarkable, except that this area is in the midst of a severe drought. I guess all they needed was for a couple of people to move here from Houston. We brought the rain.

Today was clear and beautiful. We headed to Asilomar and then took the coastal bike path back around. About 6.5 miles in all, which is a lot when you factor in the goddamn hills. And the fact that we hadn’t been on our bikes in a year.

Some shots from our ride:

there were lots of people on bikes today, and most of them weren't wearing helmets--just James and me and the people who have serious, spandex-heavy biking outfits
there were lots of people on bikes today, and most of them weren’t wearing helmets–just James and me and the people who have serious, spandex-heavy biking outfits–you know, the kind that can hold a banana real tight
I’m not waiting on a lady, I’m just waiting on a friend (note the bird taking off or landing in the center of the photo)
all this tree needs is a hammock, with me gently swaying in it (after many awkward–and failed–attempts to get in without flipping over)
looking across the bay to Monterey
the rocks are less in evidence once you’ve entered the Monterey Bay, which means the surfers and kayakers suddenly appear (though they don’t appear in this shot)
this engagement shoot probably didn’t end well–I’m pretty sure the water was well on its way toward surrounding the rock they’re standing on, and when we left they were heading further up the rock–maybe it will be a fun story to tell their kids someday, assuming they lived
saw these dudes in this yard when we were walking back from dinner
(unrelated to the bike ride) walking back from dinner a couple of nights ago, we saw these dudes chowing down in a neighbor’s yard


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6 responses to “personal new year”

  1. What a change! Great pictures. Classic California coast shots. Pretty soon you’ll be a coast veteran and just brush off scenes like that as normal everyday life views!! Enjoy the newbie fun of it all!!

    HA! Banana toting cycle fast freds….made me laugh

    And, if there is any swinging/tumbling out of trees….we require video

    • I hope I don’t become a jaded coastal dweller anytime soon, Jim. I love getting that feeling in my chest every time I glimpse the water. There are vistas in Colorado that still grab you, right?

      And I try to keep the video proof of my clumsiness off the internet!

  2. Oh yeah, Happy B-Day, cryjack. A new home is always invigorating. Especially in such a place…Lloyd mentioned the rain, also. Your not all that far from him, are you?

    • None of us is (are?) perfect, TJ, so no worries. I think Lloyd is probably a good three hours from us. I haven’t visited his hamlet yet–it’s on the list next time we head north. The rain was definitely not something I expected. I’ve been stalking the weather here for months or maybe even years, and rain is a rarity. Can’t complain too much–it’s good for the plants and the water bill. Bad for the bike riding and walking.

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