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There are three towns right next to each other on the Monterey peninusla–Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel-by-the-Sea–so I’ve been reading the Monterey County Weekly and the Carmel Pine Cone to get familiar with the area.

The Pine Cone arrives Friday morning, and each week my favorite thing to do is read the police blotter. Something that will look familiar to anyone who’s lived in a small town, the blotter is an interesting snapshot of how people run their personal business in a community. Often, the Pine Cone has blurbs about someone finding a cell phone or wallet on the beach and taking it to the police station. This, of course, happens in big cities too. It just doesn’t make the paper. Too much murder to talk about.

Here are some entries from last Friday.

Officer dispatched to a business on Ocean View where approximately 20 young adults were. One of them was dared by another to throw disappearing ink on a third person, who did not want to press charges.

Monte Verde Street resident reported receiving a strange letter from a subject. The letter does not make any threats but is suspicious in nature.

Discussed possible solutions with cat owners on Santa Fe Street regarding a cat problem.

Someone entered a Lighthouse Avenue motel room by lifting a window off the track and sliding it open. Once inside, he watched TV and left without being detected. The motel operator learned of the unlawful entry upon renting the room out to a guest. Woman stated she was uncertain but thought there may be two bedspreads missing from the room.

Pacific Grove Lane resident reported that someone dumped patio chairs on his property. The resident confronted the subject and requested he move on and not enter again.

Everyone is so polite. The beat covers police activity in Big Sur, too, which is mostly related to people being stuck on a mountain trail. A couple of weeks ago, there was a full story devoted to an incident at Esalen where a guest got drunk and naked (two things that are not typically considered unusual behavior there):

They said Panto, who had taken off his clothes and was acting strangely, used a hard rubber ball, a Bluetooth speaker box and a glass bottle as weapons…Esalen supporters asked on Facebook how such an unfortunate incident could have happened at such an idyllic place, while some questioned the decision to call the police.

Why’d you call the police, man?

No place is immune from crime, but I’m delighted to be moving to an area where lost dogs are found and people politely request that someone get off their property instead of just shooting them in the face.

Plus, now I know where to dump our patio chairs.

5 thoughts on “police blotter

  1. I’m surprised you have any patio chairs left after the street pickers got finished with your stuff.
    We have the police blotter in our local paper but the police trump it up at bit to make the work they are doing seem so vital to the safety of the populace.
    “Juvenile apprehended riding skateboard through town parking lot. Skateboard impounded, parents called and issued citation, Juvenile referred to Restorative Justice Program to make community amends.”
    That would be typical in our town….Barney Fife’s building up their self importance.

    Hard to be a kid in our town. Or, a parent.

    1. The pickers took every last thing, including some kitchen appliances that were bathed with a rainstorm, except one item: a plastic patio chair that came with the house. It’s not pretty, but it is fully functional, so I’m amazed it’s still out there. Must be some picker code of ethics thing I’m not aware of.

      It’s got to be a drag having your skateboard impounded. How can you execute teenage shenanigans if you don’t have any wheels?

  2. This one makes me curious for details…

    “Discussed possible solutions with cat owners on Santa Fe Street regarding a cat problem.”

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