a politically correct bedtime story

Once upon a time, a time that was no better or worse politically, geographically or culturally than today, two people of non-discriminate ethnic persuasion had a conversation. This verbal exchange was neither sarcastic nor derogatory and instead facilitated an expression of ideas that the two parties found quite agreeable.

During their chat, both people felt exalted, supported and not at all uncomfortable. They did not talk about the weather, as sunny, clear days in the low 70s are not everyone’s idea of pleasant. Some are too cold, others are too hot and still others feel like that sort of weather is just mother nature trying to be a show off.

Not that having an opinion about the weather is a bad thing, but it might be cause for disquiet, which is frowned upon.

Not frowned upon in the way that “you can’t express your opinion,” just frowned upon because you might make someone feel that they are too sensitive to climatic changes. We all just want to get along.

So the two people of indiscriminate indeterminate sexual identity talked of lighter issues. A particularly enjoyable topic was the soup they had eaten at lunch. While they did not agree about the level of salt in the dish, they both thought the soup was the proper temperature. Afterwards, they retired to their respective homes.

They did not want to turn on a light and disturb the roaches that might have been searching for a morsel in the kitchen, so they each bumped their shins on the way to the bathroom in the darkness. One bumped his/her shin a few seconds after the other because he/she had a slightly larger apartment. This was in no way a reflection on the worth of the person, it was just a rent control thing they happened to fall into.

The end.

3 thoughts on “a politically correct bedtime story

  1. This is so politically correct that there is not much to say here……except I am ready to fight anybody who doesn’t think, sunny,clear days in the low 70’s are not pleasant. In fact as I think about it more I’m downright pissed off….hopping mad!!!
    And those people who are sexually indiscriminate are just plain creepy and shouldn’t be allow to vote, or live together or get married.
    Otherwise….politically correct…..
    Unless you want to talk about salt in soup!!

  2. Jim! Thanks for the catch (indiscriminate versus indeterminate)–my fingers and brain must not have had a strong connection.

    The good thing about political correctness is it’s a reminder to not say hateful things about other people, even if you’re an idiot. The downside is, if you’re good at being politically correct, you get to spend your life thinking stupid shit instead of being called out on it.

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