ain’t no free (actually, there is)

books, glorious booksAs we enter the final few days of the (statistically) hottest part of the year in Houston, this is a great time for a giveaway. A little something to mark the (slowly creeping) final leg of summer and (squint, tilt your head to the left and you can see it) promise of fall. As I also happen to be in the midst of an epic purge of material items, I thought I’d pass along some books so they can find new life in new brains.

You have your choice of two options.

option argonaut:

  • Chalk Line (signed first edition) by Texas writer Paula LaRocque. It’s a great whodunit perfect for reading in a comfy chair on the porch while sipping ice tea and thinking about October.
  • Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. She travels the country researching presidential assassinations (funnier than you might expect). Read this one in the late afternoon when you’ve moved on to a cold beer and are thinking about mowing the lawn.
  • The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. The last quarter of the book is a glossary. Read this when you’ve been drinking coffee spiked with Red Bull and cocaine and are thinking about rearranging your clothes based on cotton content.

option biosphere:

  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. One of the quintessential books on creativity. I’ve owned it for a couple of decades, and now it needs to find a new place to do its thang.
  • Walking in This World also by Julia Cameron. Do the activities in both books and the creativity will be coming out your ass. Unlike the previous post where I talked about self-help bullshit being bullshit, these books actually have a pretty good track record (and don’t seem like they were written in the ’40s).

Interested in either package? Comment on this post. Tell me how your summer is going. What you’re looking forward to when the weather breaks (assuming you live in a place where it’s like Satan’s asshole for four or five months out of the year). If you live in a more moderate climate, tell me what you’re looking forward to in the last quarter of the year.

Winners will be chosen in a totally unscientific manner.

What I’m saying is, your odds are pretty good.

As for me, here’s my answer. I’m looking forward to that moment, probably on a Wednesday evening, when I walk outside around 7PM and feel that first teasing hint of fall in the air. I’ll immediately remember high school football games, Frito pies and hormones. And then be transported years into the future (but really the past) and picture beers on a patio with smartass friends and little responsibility. And then project into the present, with salmon and vegetables on the grill, good music playing and high hopes. The future has yet to be written, and I don’t want to constrain it here.

What say you?

6 responses to “ain’t no free (actually, there is)”

  1. The fall air, and its lack of thick moisture, always brings a skip to my step. I am dreaming of crisp air, fireplaces, bonfires, soup, chili, time with my nieces and nephews, and Halloween and Day of Deadwith friends.

    • Emily, thanks for stopping by. Nieces and nephews are cool, aren’t they? I love getting mine pumped up on sugar and then leaving when it starts to turn south.

  2. As someone who spends almost everyday outside fall means so much. I would compare the feeling of the first cold front to the movie Shawshank Redemption and the character “Andy” crawls through the prison sewer system to freedom..Dramatic much. The memory I often go to when we have the first strong cold front comes as a childhood memory that involves all of my senses. I was probably around 8 yrs old my (your)brother 12 we were playing under the old catalpa tree that has since been cut down due to old age we were playing with homemade bows that we made from the saplings that grew from its trunk. The arrows probably were lucky to make it past a few feet but we felt like we were ready to hunt buffalo. We saw in the distance the approaching front so we started running into the pasture towards the front. It was one of those fronts that is strong enough it actually starts to suck the hot air from the south just as it rolls in. So there we were running down the inclined pasture being pulled into the front the legs beneath me completely out of control I look over to my brother and he too had been almost disconnected to the earth several steps ahead. The front hits us and for a moment I felt like we were floating I can still smell that sweet northern wind I can still see that look of a wild creature in my brothers eyes as we both floated out of control down that pasture of my youth.

    • That’s beautiful, Tohner. You captured a very cool moment, and I can see it plain as day.

      Though I know the summer heat sucks (I mean SUCKS), there are benefits to being outside a lot. Connections that you feel to your environment/the earth/passage of time that are lost in the meaningless sameness of sitting in a climate controlled office.

  3. Summer can not help itself, it always goes beautifully. I live in what could be the nicest place on the planet for three months, June 15 to September 15. Seriously, I’m not kidding, Estes Park, summer.
    As for me, I live those other months to get to the summer to just be outside as much as I can, ride my bicycle, play a little golf, just sit on my deck and drink some beer in the evenings and enjoy the peaceful time as the sun sets. These last few summers I have not been able to help myself. I think about how many more summers there are in a man’s life. Crazy. I don’t dwell on it but I can’t help those thoughts creeping in. When I get this, work for a living thing, finished it motivates me to think up someway to go find myself a bit more summer in a years time.
    Fall is OK, a transition time to get me from the goodness that is summer to the start of another Basketball season with the boys at the High School. I always look forward to that first week of practice, just the positive feeling of a fresh season starting. The fact that our record is 0-0 and we have the season and the schedule of games in front of us to feel good about and give us that challenge.
    Thanks for the venue to have sanctioned blogjacking!

    • Jim, sounds like you and I are having opposite summers. At least as far as the outdoors goes. I skip from one air conditioned environment to the other, trying to sweat as little as possible during the in-between time. Estes Park sounds like heaven, at least for those three months.

      Best of luck with this year’s team. Nice having a clean slate once a year.

      And, please, blogjack whenever the mood strikes. I love people to stop by for a chat.

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