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– Each day, to and fro, my 13-mile commute features heavy traffic. Sometimes it’s stop and go, and other days it’s just slow going. What I never understand is why people tailgate during heavy traffic. We’re all not going anywhere fast, and riding my ass is not going to make me disappear or make the cars in front of me get out of the way. One dude in an SUV (of course) was all up on my back bumper this morning. I didn’t move. So he got on the bumper of a Toyota. Real close. So close, it looked like the cars were going through a haunted house together. The SUV didn’t want to be more than an arm’s reach from the Toyota so when the chainsaw killer popped up out of nowhere, SUV dude would be able to grab onto the Toyota’s jacket. Like a bitch.

– I watched a trailer for the new Superman movie last night. It made me think of the 1978 version, which I saw in the movie theater with my best friend (Renee) and grandfather (Papa). It was the first movie that gave me, uh, tingles, and I was in love with Christopher Reeve for a long time after that. Maybe that’s why I joined the newspaper staff in high school. Or maybe I was/am a dorknerd.

– In the midst of my semi-annual belongings purge, I ended up with about 20 books I was willing to let go. Rather than take the books to Half Price and have some snarling hipster roll his eyes at what I’ve brought and then offer me 50 cents/book, I thought I’d check out other options. Ends up, you can donate books to the Houston Public Library (put them in a box, label it “To the Friends of the Houston Public Library” and drop the box at any area public library). You can also donate your books to Better World Books (there are collection boxes all over town).

– During this purge, I finally tackled the file folders full of stuff from my brother Mason’s belongings and organized everything in a scrapbook (though I am NOT a scrapbooker) (just a scrapper). There were a number of short film scripts he’d written and the first 8 or 10 pages of what I think was intended to be a full-length screenplay. The start to the screenplay is great, and the story really grabbed me. I keep thinking about it and how we always talked about collaborating. And I wonder how he’d feel if I were to write the rest of that story, listing him as co-author.

– Finally, I’ll do a write-up of our recent trip to southern California in the next post. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

Gram Parsons' memorial at Joshua Tree Inn
Gram Parsons’ memorial at Joshua Tree Inn

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  1. Oh! Please do! Please finish the writings and please let us read them/watch them!
    I love all of your blog post but of course any of the ones that have to do with Mason are my favorites!

  2. There is certainly no shortage of stories out there about the knuckleheads driving a vehicle that annoys us normal people!
    What do you call a female version of a knucklehead??
    What is really self-embarrassing is when you do something yourself that is stupid in a car and realize that you are the knucklehead behind the wheel. I just give the “sorry” wave of shame!
    I really liked that first Superman movie although never saw the attraction of Lois Lane. I kinda liked Miss Tessmaker better!

  3. I think you can call a bad female driver a knucklehead too, though I typically use more crass language. As for Margot Kidder, her crazy was under the surface even that far back.

    Had to look up Miss Tessmacher. There’s also a nearly naked wrestler (female) going by the same name.

  4. Are you kidding? The devine Valerie Perrine? Slaughterhouse Five, Lenny, later, a pretty cool self-parody in What Wimmin’ Want…

    Oh Gram…why Gram, why? I spent five years living next door to his hometown and knew a few of the family while having no idea who Gram Parsons was. Ten years earlier, in LA, I built a room addition for Emmylou Harris’s manager up in Topanga Canyon. Again, country wasn’t my thing and I had no idea.

    Cosmic indeed.

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