Today is my 43rd birthday. It’s Good Friday, and I’m off. Which means that I haven’t showered yet. Got up at the usual time (6:45), lingered over my coffee and enjoyed breakfast made by James. Received calls from my family and opened presents. Will likely take a nap with the dogs later today and then go out for Mexican food tonight. A great, laid back day after a non-laid back trip to southern California. Dig it.

I share this birthday with:

  • Eric Idle (Monty Python, writer)
  • John Tyler (10th US president)
  • Sam Walton (Mr. Walmart)
  • Earl Campbell (Houston Oiler, sausage maker)
  • Amy Sedaris (awesomeness)
  • Bernie Madoff (thief)
  • Scott Wilson (one of my favorite people on The Walking Dead)
  • John Major (British PM)
  • Lucy Lawless (Zena Xena)
  • Billy Carter (brother to Jimmy, promoter of Billy Beer)

And yet people still think astrology is bullshit…

In closing, this.

6 thoughts on “ass-trology

  1. Once again, Happy Birthday. I was older at forty-three than I am now. Jim Morrison died on my 16th birthday. I love Zena. Short declarative sentences are

  2. Um…….it’s…uh….Xena….not….um…Zena.

    And, happy anniversary of your expulsion from the womb.

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