This is a video my brother Mason made. It’s a spoof of Survivorman, a show about a guy named Les getting dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but camera equipment. No food, water or shelter. And he had to survive for a week, usually by eating bugs, drinking questionable water and sleeping in less than ideal conditions.

Mason, ever one to poke fun at the hypocrisies of modern life (hence his online handle Hypocridiot), made Survivordude in response. Instead of being dropped in the middle of nowhere, he was dumped in his living room with nothing but a beer, a remote control and his camera. Watch him make the trek to the kitchen in search of something to eat… See him try to get a good night’s rest while the asshole dog next door keeps barking…

Since his death, AT&T has given out the Mason Jackson Eternal Flame Award to a deserving employee. Here’s a bit of information about the award and last year’s winner. Mason’s former boss and good friend Sinda asked for a copy of one of his videos to show when they do the presentation this year. We both agreed that Survivordude was it. He’d be happy to know that it’s about to get screened for a whole bunch of people. And for you, if you click the link.

I hadn’t watched this video in a long time. I was afraid of it. It’s one thing to replay someone in your head or look at static images. It’s a different deal to see them in video, so vibrant and alive. And even though he’s doing a bit in this piece, it’s still so, so very Mason.

Here’s what happened when I pressed play: I didn’t burst into flames.

And it was so great to hear his voice again.

[I feel obligated to include Mason’s disclaimer from when he posted the video: If you are a fan of Survivorman this should be pretty funny, otherwise you might want to do something else with the next 8 minutes of your life. First use of my wide-angle WD-H43 lens on the HV20. Unscripted (obviously), one-take, poor lighting. The additional weight/balance of the lens actually made the handheld parts much steadier.]

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  1. Heather Bateman

    Monday night is the big Mason Jackson award! Joe will be there. He will take pictures as always. It’s the only to look forward to at this event.


    I don’t think I have seen that in its entirety since he filmed it. I didn’t burst into flames but some strange salty liquid did pour out of my eyeballs. I can get through survivor dude ok but the asheville tears me up. Damn I miss him, but it was good to hear his voice I suppose I too was a little apprehensive. What a great honor and good for AT&T for carrying on with the award.

    1. Crystal Jackson

      I think the strange salty liquid keeps the flames away.

  3. Stig Daniels

    Thanks for sharing this.

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