ad astra per alas porci

My radio silence of late isn’t because I’ve been trapped under something heavy and unable to reach my keyboard. I’ve been right in front of my computer a lot, actually, working on a few long shot projects. Things that have only slightly better odds of coming to fruition than the mythical flying piglet in the sky. In addition to the pain of writing artistic statements (which are always entirely more difficult to create than the project you’re writing about), I’ve also been wrestling with this new play. This bastard, assface, frustrating piece of work. And it’s winning. For now.

As is usual when I’m stuck in my own head, I seek out things to stimulate my brain and, hopefully, help me work around the mental roadblock. One great source of unending interest is the ARTISAN VIDEOS section of Reddit. It’s a joyous thing to watch skilled artists do their thing, like:

There’s something wonderfully soothing about watching people work with their hands. And there are other distractions to be found, so many things to do other than the task(s) at hand. This isn’t a video, it’s an image. A very funny image that is now the background on my work computer. It was simply titled, “I was eating some bread, when suddenly…” And while we’re on the subject of dogs, here’s a lovely homage to the dog/human relationship.

Another item I ran across recently: Henry Miller on writing. (How awesome his daily routine sounds. Writing, going to museums, reading in cafes, painting, going on walks and bike rides through unknown areas, making charts and plans.) If you click the link, you’ll notice that his first commandment about writing is “Work on one thing at a time until finished.” I would do well to follow that one.

Going to go work in the yard. Perhaps I’ll find inspiration there.

PS – the title of this post = to the stars on the wings of a pig. John Steinbeck’s motto. Don’t fuck with the Pigasus.

2 thoughts on “ad astra per alas porci

  1. I was going to ask if you had a bicycle and some sweet place to ride; then I clicked on Mr. Miiler’s ten tips only to see bicycles mentioned twice. So there ya go.

    I gotta tell ya, it really, really works for me. I have not been on my bike in a month. Guess how much writing I did in that time?


    p.s. It doesn’t help that i now follow damn near forty Blogs and make comments (sometimes lengthy comments) on over half of them. Add that to the situation of my life: I am living in a trailer that is very barn-like as I SLOWLY try to make it actually livable. I have many animal companions living in close proximity. A chameleon that I have been watching for quite awhile now just came over to the wall next to my table with a bug I can’t identify in his mouth. He is rapidly and insistently banging the bug in his mouth against the aluminum trailer wall creating a staccato metallic drum beat as he slowly turns a silvery white.. He thinks I am his mother.

    All while I type this. I had a rat sighting an hour ago. They are becoming more frequent which means I will be cutting off Mao-Mao the Trailer Park Cat’s tuna supply until he gets his ass in gear. I hate to kill them, but I will if they become too bold. I then declare Open Season and the carnage is impressive. Sigh.

    These economic downturns ain’t what they used to be.


    1. I do have a bike but much less beautiful vistas than you have on the coast. Houston is getting its ass in gear building bike trails, but there are none close to my house. We used to live in a neighborhood on a bayou (Houston’s answer to rivers), which provided a nice trail to ride. Though in the “backwoods” areas I always slightly feared I’d get jumped. Once I came speeding down a hill and saw a guy sitting on a blanket, casually cleaning his gun. Nothing like a little city dwellin’ to get the heart rate up.

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