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I first wrote about Matt Harding back in January 2007. I was taken then, as now, by the simplicity of his mission: to see the world and do a little dance here and there, with or without someone in the vicinity. I’ve shown this video from 2006 to numerous people over the years, and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Which begs the question: why? I think the post I linked to at the beginning of this paragraph pretty much spells it out, but I know a lot of you fuckers don’t click on things so I’ll give you the 2012 version.

This guy used to work in an office (like me!). When it was time for lunch, he’d do a little happy dance (like me! except I only dance in my head). He quit his job to go on a trip around the world (like…nevermind). While he was on his trip around the world, he decided to film himself doing his happy lunchtime dance, only this time with the incredible backdrop of Easter Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Great Wall, the great barrier reef or other great shit instead of the fluourescent glow of an office.

Sometimes he’d dance by himself, often with passersby or traffic or a train blazing through the shot. And sometimes people who probably didn’t speak the same language as Matt would join in. Because the physical expression of dance is pretty universal (though the specifics vary by locale). And the universality of this dude doing his little dance with people he didn’t know and probably couldn’t communicate with verbally is just…so…perfect. It’s a simple expression of happiness to be alive, awake, aware.

Matt just posted a new video today. I’m glad that the vibe is still there and he’s not wearing a sandwich board advertising Viagra or Chase Bank. He’s like the US’ dorky ambassador. We’re not all gun toting hillbillies, shooting into the ground like Yosemite Sam while chowing down on a greasy burger as we wait for our liposuction appointment. In fact, most of us are pretty alright.

(if you read this post and don’t click on one of the two videos linked here, you’re missing out) (I wouldn’t steer you wrong)

5 thoughts on “Matt’s back

  1. What I said when I originally posted Matt’s video on LJ, “back in the day”, still applies, he’s living my dream. Well, actually, he has expanded light years beyond the few little snatches of my dream that I’ve been able to make happen, unfortunately, mostly in the past. I guess I can only console myself with the knowledge that I’m a much funkier than him. Glad to see that the dude abides. Thanx for the Matt update.

  2. Two things, Conn. He is living the dream. And, seemingly, without having to sell his soul to do so. Good on him. Second – go League City! That was an unexpected surprise.

    The dude abides, and we remain hopeful. That’s enough for now.

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