vehicular relations

screw you, summer (and dust)

Man, it’s a little too early in the summertime for the outside temp to read 100 degrees. What the hell is August going to be like? (shudder)

Driving through downtown earlier, I executed a particularly spiffy move. I knew that the left lane up ahead always gets backed up, so I zoomed around the backup and cut over past the jam just before the entrance to the freeway. (I didn’t cut anyone off. This was a victim-free maneuver.) I was pretty pleased with myself, but that joy was short lived because I almost immediately expected to get side-swiped by a car. Or maybe get smushed by the giant foot from Monty Python. “Aye, yoove crushed me pointy lih-ull haid.”

I wasn’t raised Catholic, but I do occasionally suffer from Catholic-esque guilt. It’s weird. Peer pressure doesn’t phase me. If everyone were jumping off a bridge, I’d probably take pictures and then go through their shit. But self pressure is quite in service in my brain.

See, I realized when I was congratulating myself on my awesome driving that I was being kind of an asshole. So my brain gave me a little slap upside the head by making me worry for a split second that my bravado would be repaid with sudden death. Which is, perhaps, a bit of an over-reaction.

(shifting gears) (get it? because this is about cars!) (ahem)

Headed on a road trip to Dallas this weekend for a staged reading of my play at Kitchen Dog Theater. This will be its first time in front of an audience, and I’m really excited to see/hear how it’s received. Will report back.

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  1. I’m not exactly thrilled that Dallas is getting first look at the new play. But I’ll get over it, I suppose.

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