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Using wifi on the flight home from California. Was watching  scary radar images of the weather in Houston on (great name for a site) when it occurred to me that I could write my first post from space. Or not on the ground, anyway.  And I could also avoid being worried about the pink and purple radar blobs I’m seeing that usually  indicate hail and tornados. After almost a week and a half in the California sunshine (even San Francisco was clear and unseasonably warm), Houston is offering up a kind of shitty welcome home.

That being said, I’m ready to get back. My liver has requested a break from the wine, and my ass has requested a break from the driving. I’ll give a full report about the trip once I’ve gone through my photos.

Stories to look forward to:

– woman at a bus stop in SF offering James advice about getting that poonanny (mine, presumably)

– jackass at concert wearing a Ren-fest leather vest over his massive, quivering flesh who tried to give me a high-five, which I rejected with a slow shake of my head and steady eye contact (marking what I think is the first time I’ve ever not given a high-five) (pictures to come)

– a girl in City Lights talking on her cellphone about her intestinal health problems (loudly) while I’m trying to pick out scripts to read

– a guy in Berkeley who owns “over 2,000” tee shirts proclaiming he had never seen one with Fight Stupidization on it

– Hana, the dog who will eat anything and her boyfriend Don Juan

– Mexican food in N. California

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  1. Maybe Houston isn’t giving you all that warm of a welcome back because it’s feeling like you’ve been hyping Cali and Big Sur a little too much and giving it a bit of the cold shoulder. Just sayin’…I heard it talking ’boutchya the other day…

    1. Funny you should say that – mere minutes before reading your comment, I said something similar to James. (Then realized I’m not that important.) But still. Gotta give props to the old hometown on occasion. Traveling is good for perspective, and while there are plenty of things that suck here, there are also plenty of great things about Houston. More to come when I do the trip recap.

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