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Slogan for this demo/remodeling company: "No job it's too small." Wonder how much work they get...
  • Hung out with friends last weekend. Well into the evening (and the wine), someone said to me, “Is it okay if I ask you a personal question?” I always have the same answer. “Of course.” In fact, please ask me a personal question. Because it generally means shit is about to get real. I like it when we move beyond the superficiality of the day-to-day to dig into the hidden recesses. I’d tell you what the question was, but it’s personal.
  • You may have seen links to the short film Caine’s Arcade on teh internets the past week or two. If you haven’t watched it yet, do. The film is ten minutes of fantastic. While you’re watching, imagine if the dreams of all children (big ones, too) were supported in such a loving and respectful way.
  • Here’s a new literary term that I may have made up (but there are no original ideas, so maybe someone else already did): vinfictive – writing presented as fiction that is really a thinly veiled attack on people who have wronged the author in the past. A distant cousin to vaguebooking. Not my kind of writing, but it’s out there. Perhaps I should add a definition to Urban Dictionary?
  • There are a couple of other people at work who love The Band, so in honor of Levon Helm’s passing we’re going to watch The Last Waltz and raise a glass at the end of the workday. That may be the best concert film ever made. Here’s a ridiculous blog post I wrote while watching it on cable a couple of years ago (even though I own the DVD). I claimed to not be drunk, but reading it now I have my doubts.

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  1. I read this and all its links, including your “ridiculous” post and the comments. Laugh? I thought I’d die . . . Makes me remember a silky (unnatural fiber) jumpsuit with large bell-bottoms that I stuck in my suitcase when I went to Paris to stay for the summer on post-grad fellowship money. It was navy, sort of a stretch jersey, snug, with a wide white elastic band at the waist. Of course it zipped from the crotch to the neck. And it was imprinted with little white triangles top to bottom. I wore it with nothing beneath but tiny bikini pants — no bra, yes, but that’s not of consequence with my bod type. This not-to-be-sneered at, too-cool-for-school jumpsuit weighed a couple ounces, washed in a flash, and accompanied me, thanks to my Eurail pass, to six countries. Loved your “ridiculous” post . . . .

  2. I agree, one of the best concert films ever. And…wow! Did we really get into that detailed of a discussion about jumpsuits and pant suits? Damn, but I can be an officious jackass. Note to self: Either kick it up a notch or tone it down a bit.

  3. Hey Crystal! I’m using a rainy weekend as an excuse to be a lazy unwashed bum, reading and typing and spreading my wisdom around the web. I stayed up half the night last night reading Red Harvest for like the tenth time and wishing DeNiro had followed through on his plans back in 1980 to make the movie.

    Caine’s Arcade was very nice. Thanks for the boost on a gloomy Sunday.

    Earlier Saturday afternoon I churned out about 500 words as a comment on “Bob and Linda” then hit the wrong button and poof! they were gone. The words, not Bob and Linda. I don’t know what happened to Bob and Linda. Big Sur is one of my favorite places and needs very little human intervention to get its job done. So I know exactly what you mean.

    “No job it’s too small” is one of those lines you can have a blast with when rehearsals have run too long and the actors are getting giddy. In fact, it would make a good title for a One Act.

    Thanks tj

    1. Tim Joe – I’ve never read Red Harvest. Just added it to the list.

      We are having opposite weather in Houston. It’s a rare low-humidy, not-too-hot, blue as fuck sky day that makes this a great place to be on April 22 in the year 2012. Earth Day, in fact. Go figure.

      So sad to have missed out on your response to Bob and Linda. I think those two have been around almost as long as people have. Even when life was more hard-scrabble than it is for them now, with their multiple properties in pretty places. There was always that couple who had a little extra room on their bark pallet in the cave for anyone who might be feeling a bit lonely. “Tired from hunting all day? Linda gives a killer back rub. Come have a seat by me.”

      Maybe I should write a short about a guerrilla grammarian who goes around fixing written mistakes…

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