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It’s time for another book giveaway. As with the last giveaway–Travels with Charley–this book is one that I have an emotional connection to. A book that transports me away from where I’m sitting each time I open it up. The book = Tiny Homes – Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn.

I’ve often mentioned Lloyd Kahn, a writer/builder/creator/small house movement leader/badass dude. He posts in his blog every day, often more than once, sharing stories about life in N. California. He has a zest for living that I find inspiring, and I aspire to be a little bit like Lloyd in my daily life – noticing beauty, enjoying other people’s talents, paying attention to the details, dreaming, taking risks, making shit happen.

Tiny Homes – Simple Shelter was released last month and is already in its second printing. One reason the book is so popular is it embodies the housing/lifestyle movement of the moment, as people look to get out from under suffocating mortgages and simplify their lives. Another reason for its popularity is that it’s a beautiful book–gorgeous, glowing and green. Even if small houses aren’t your thing, you can enjoy it from a purely artistic standpoint. And I think by the end of the book, you’d find that maybe you are sort of interested in small dwellings.

Here’s a video featuring Lloyd discussing the making of the book.

If you want to see what it is I keep prattling on about and would like your own copy of Tiny Homes, leave a comment on this post about a dream that you have for the future. Big, little, crazy or sane. Whatever you feel like sharing. I’ll pick a person at random next Sunday to receive the book. Make sure to give your real email address when you leave your comment (only I will be able to see it), but feel free to leave a fake name if you’re shy.

I’ll start. Some day, I want to live in a place with no mortgage. Where the area outside my home is as much a part of my house as the inside is. A clutter-free space with room to breathe, lovely views, a fireplace, a bed in a cozy nook, lots of books and music, dogs and James. And wifi. The air is crisp and green. There’s water nearby. Ideally, this place will have been built with my two hands and my back, and the hands and backs of people close to me. It’s located within an hour of a major city, but far enough out that the sheer volume of stars is overwhelming and humbling. A place where the zombie apocalypse probably won’t reach.

Your turn.

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  1. I am an interior decorator. I like to think I make things look fabulous! My small scale, gonna happen one day and maybe soon dream is to open a store front, a design studio that offers all of you textiles, furniture and fixtures that are needed to make a home beautiful. My may never happen but a girl can dream dream is to have my fancy and down right amazon designs features in Traditional Homes Magazing….or any kind of publication about homes, even if it is a tiny one. 🙂

  2. I think my dream would be finding someplace that I fit in. A good job that I excel at and like, where I’m not somebody’s assistant and preferably where I spend relatively little time filling in Excel spreadsheets. I want to write a lot. I want to find my voice and start publishing my work. I’d like to discover confidence in myself and my work. Maybe find love and get married, move into a little house or townhouse (while your dream of living in the country and being overwhelmed by stars is beautiful, Crystal, I think I’m destined to remain a little bit more urban). And actually it has always been my dream to own my own beach house.

  3. During the most scary/serious trip I made to the emergency room, I was desperately trying to get my mom to talk with me to help distract me from worrying about what my body was about to do (that it shouldn’t) or not do (that it should). I tried asking her what her ideal kitchen would be like, in her ideal home. Describe it to me, I asked. Well, it is different from what I’ve got now, that’s for sure. OK, I said, but give me details. I’d been consuming a fair amount of home porn in those days, so I tried to give her examples. Would you want one of those home vacuum systems that lets you just sweep stuff to the floorboards, and then you hit the button and it all gets sucked away? Would you want an 8-burner range with a retractable hood vent? Refridgerator and dish washer drawers at strategic food prep and clean-up spots around the room instead of all in one central place? Remember, mom, money’s no object. She dismissed all of those ideas. If money’s no object, she said, I don’t care what the kitchen’s like, because I won’t be in it. The servants will be using it, and they can get whatever they need and not bother me about it.

    She kind of took the fun out of that game for me for a long while.

    I’d want to catch the prevailing breezes and have plenty of room for the dogs to romp, a garden to grow, and a compost pile to keep it all green. Indoor space just needs to be big enough to accommodate a huge dining table so I can bring great groups of friends together to share meals and love, and a cozy bed where I can retreat & rule the world. I would like a bathroom all to myself, truth be told.

  4. If you’re looking to avoid the zombie apocalypse, I estimate that 100 miles is still a bit too close for comfort. Your post brought to mind certain northwestern native American tribes that refer to entering a building as going “outside” and leaving a building for the natural world as going “inside”. My own aesthetic still aligns with this way of thinking, for the most part.

  5. A life without a job, time to explore, time to read, time to think, and a place to hike nearby – natural beauty helps, but that could come in any form – forest or city – and the freedom to go where and when I want. What a life – someday, someday

  6. Always wanted to live a small, simple life. Get rid of the excess and keep what’s important. Get more in touch with the environment. Maybe even have an outdoor shower.

  7. I went to to pick a winner. (drumroll) John E, you’re getting a book on tiny homes. I hope it inspires you as you move toward your someday. Thanks to everyone else who left a comment. I’m digging these book giveaways and plan to do more in the future.

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