by request: beer cap Christmas wreath instructions

what you'll need: hammer, scissors, nail, green florist wire, 20 to 30 beer caps, 10 to 20 jingle bells
you'll also need a wreath - they vary in size, and some come with lights - pick the size you like, larger if it's going on your front door, smaller if it's going on your wall
use your hammer and nail to make a small hole on either side of each beer cap - be sure to do this on a piece of wood that you don't mind putting holes in
thread about 5 inches of wire through each cap
bend the wire together in the center and twist twice to secure - do this for each cap
do the same for each jingle bell - thread about 3 inches through...

...then twist
secure each cap and jingle bell to your wreath, being sure to twist the ends together multiple times before tucking the excess wire back into the wreath
the green wire blends in with the wreath
mix caps and jingle bells together, alternating colors for variety
hang your finished wreath (and keep your fingers crossed that no one steals it)
you can also make ornaments
drink up

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