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I subscribe to about 50 blogs and visit a number of others on a semi-regular basis. Some make me laugh. Some provide fodder for my dreams of the future. Some give me a glimpse into a life that’s totally different from mine and way more interesting. All offer a point of connection to my fellow human beings.

One blog that I always find inspiring is written by Lloyd Kahn. He is the creator of the hand-built home porn/book Shelter (and others since). Sometimes he writes about handmade shelters. But most of the time he writes about his world and shares things he finds of interest. He lives north of San Francisco in a cool dwelling that he built. He eats roadkill and wild mushrooms and makes pancakes with cattail pollen. He finds joy in the details of life – a stunning sunrise, a beautiful flower, a bleached animal skull, a man fishing in a kayak on the water while his dog waits patiently on shore. Lloyd’s approach to the world reminds you to pay attention to the little moments because they’re what adds up to the bulk of your life. And there is the potential for much happiness and inspiration in the world if you keep your eyes open.

This is a recent post that grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me up a bit. Lloyd’s simple trip down the mountain on a longboard (he’s 75, by the way) made me think about what I do with my time, where I live, how I interact with my environment, the level of physical activity in my daily life, if I do enough things purely for the joy of it, how I can break free from old patterns and whether or not I’m paying attention to the right things. Powerful stuff.

Lloyd and The Bloggess and my little brother and this dude and my friend Andrea all inspire me with their unique approaches to life. Not the workaday macro bullshit, but the wonderous micro. The details. The expression of joy, whether buying a large metal chicken to irritate your husband and make your friends laugh or carving something by feel and not by pattern or setting up your camera and taking a picture of yourself running away just for the fuck of it or baking something delicious as an expression of love. I enjoy going on their journeys through life, and I appreciate those of you who are going on my journey with me. Thanks for picking up the phone when I call with a new blog post. It’s nice knowing someone is on the other end of the line.

Some great Lloyd Kahn entries from the past few months:

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  1. Not trying to piss on your Lloyd parade, but I visited the links and didn’t find much of a “blog” there, as much as I found a “reposting other people’s stuff”. Am I missing something?

    • A few things. One, that wasn’t necessarily a representative list – it was just a collection of things that grabbed my attention lately.

      Two, Lloyd posts multiple times a day, and many of those posts are often from other sources. But generally at least one of those daily posts will be Lloyd’s reaction to his world or an update on his book or some other “bloggy” type stuff.

      Three, the shit that he reposts is generally varied and almost always something I find of interest or use. He’s an aggregator of cool things, which I find infinitely useful as I make my trip around the internet.

      Check out his blog (instead of just the links I shared). I think you’d like a lot of what he posts/writes about.

  2. Thanks for bringing Lloyd to my attention. I like the Lloyds of the world – scouring the internet so I don’t have to. I appreciate Chet at for providing that service as well.

    Thanks, too, for the shout-out. Now that the weather has finally shifted from low 100s to low 90s, I may have to start baking (and documenting) again. I’ll have to bring it all over to Vine Street when I do, however, so as not to undermine myself.

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