run, Forrest, run

On my way to work this morning, I was over near I-10 and Hardy (on the feeder road) when I saw a uniformed HPD officer running down the street. I looked around to see who/what he was chasing/being chased by. Didn’t see anything. Then I noticed he was wearing a backpack with something very heavy inside that caused the pack to bounce against his back as he pumped his legs. Bowling ball? Bag of donuts? He sprinted around a corner without looking around for a ride or any other form of assistance, and I drove on to work.

Not like I’d have given him a ride if he’d looked my way and made the high sign. My first instinct was that maybe he needed some help, but then the more cynical city dweller inside stepped up and suggested that maybe he isn’t really a police officer at all. Perhaps he’s looking for some well meaning yet stupid good samaritan to pick his ass up, and the thing in the backpack isn’t donuts or a bowling ball but instead is a receptacle for your head.

It’s disturbing to see the po-po hauling ass on foot. You rarely see them outside the air conditioned comfort of their sedans. Maybe he’s in the police academy and was doing some sort of endurance test, having to run in 100 degree heat (yes, even at 9 in the morning) while wearing a heavy pack. But itsn’t it odd that the dude would be fully decked out in a cop uniform and be training by himself?

Oh, I know. Maybe he was being chased by zombies.

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