Flagellating in Chicago

Flagellating the Boss

Chicago folks – Flagellating the Boss is appearing next weekend in the Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins festival. The play is being produced by Revolution Theatre Company, who produced the stuffed animal play in this festival four years ago. My first repeat customer!

My play is at 1PM on Saturday, August 20th. The festival runs for three days straight, pretty much 24-hours-a-day from 2PM Friday through midnight Sunday/Monday. “Abbie Hoffman” opens and closes the show. If you can make it, let me know. Sounds like fun.

3 thoughts on “Flagellating in Chicago

  1. As luck would have it… I’ll be in Chicago next weekend. I have a pretty full agenda, but will try to make it. Will you be there?

    1. Hey Dr. Ned. No, I won’t be there, and I’m actually pretty bummed to miss it. Looks like it could be great fun. If you don’t like the show you’re watching, just wait for the next one.

      If you end up making it by, please give me a full report. That 1PM time slot could be brutal – I think my work tends to do better with nighttime + booze.

  2. Good to know… I’ll be sure to have bloody mary’s at breakfast and by 1:00, I’ll be set. The 3:00 baseball game might be painful though.

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