double plus good

I use the internet to read things, watch things and occasionally comment on the things I read/watch. So at the first opportunity, I signed up for google+ like a good little internet junkie. I don’t have any feelings about the product one way or the other – it’s too soon to tell. If you were on facebook with only 5 friends, it would probably seem like a pretty pointless exercise (and some would argue that it’s a pointless exercise no matter how many “friends” you have). I may not have an opinion about it, but plenty of other people do.

Everyone is in such a hurry to be the first to do something and the first to say something about the thing they just did, we aren’t giving the things around us much time before we judge them shit or Oz. In its infancy, plenty of people are already squawking about how crappy google+ is. Wouldn’t they have said the same thing about facebook in the early days? Facebook, the place where they’re posting about how stupid google+ is?

You know, it may be crap. Or it may take care of some of the sticky issues that facebook has, including the pressure to send out birthday wishes to people you haven’t seen since high school and trying to find ways to avoid contact with your creepy coworker whom you stupidly sent a friend request to after that one good happy hour when you were fooled into thinking he wasn’t stalkerish at all (he was).

Other than the fact that google+ looks a lot like facebook to me, I don’t have much to say. Okay, except this: Google is the fetus of Big Brother. This we know. So it seems a bit… funny to call the thing Google+. Google+ is double plus good. Or maybe it’s ungood. I don’t know yet.

(PS – I’m aware of the irony of posting an opinion about people sharing their opinions about something – the diff here is that I’ve been thinking about this for the past week, while I don’t think the Google+ haters gave their opinions more than a moment or two)

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