Porkky Night, or Delicious van Bacon (a list)

happy fourth

Postscript As a follow up to the last post, this (expensive fake plastic babies) may be creepier than having a monkey baby. At least monkey babies are cute. And alive. These babies are horrifying. Imagine lying in bed and rolling over on your side, only to find yourself face to face with one of those vinyl monstrosities in the dark of the night. Or going to a woman’s house for the first time after a couple of reasonably decent dates and being introduced to her fake baby. “Yes, it looks just like you. Um, I’m afraid my explosive diarrhea is returning, so I’m going to have to go now. I’ll, uh… Bye.”

Baconalia A masterful work of baconart: Starry Night. It was part of a larger bacon challenge created by Instructables. Though the recent Baconalia event at Denny’s would suggest that bacon has jumped the shark, I shall never tire of the stuff.

Rider The Foo Fighters take the concept of a tour rider to an entirely new, awesome level. Mmmmm…fried beagle.

Help I need some assistance with WordPress plugins for the Fight Stupidization website. If you are adept at installing plugins and have some time to spare (virtually or physically), I’d be grateful. I’ll give you a FS tee shirt. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter. I wore one to the grocery store this morning and a distinguished older lady commented that she liked it. She then said, “Touchè,” which was funny. People don’t use that word very often these days.

Twilight As I’ve worked on my computer today, I’ve had The Twilight Zone (the original series) on the boob tube in the background. The SyFy (horrible name) channel is running a marathon. Amazing how relevant so many of those programs still are, even fifty+ years later. I’m glad that actors no longer have that generic, tight-assed way of speaking like they did in the ’50s. (I’m not talking about Rod Serling – his cadence is just right for what he does.) The one that’s on now is a classic – the woman whose face is bandaged until the very end of the episode when we find out that her seemingly beautiful face is actually a horror in her world. Because she lives in the Twilight Zone. As do we all, sometimes.

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  1. if you have yet to experience the magic: cruise on over to epicmealtime.com and start with the chili four loko video. explore beyond at your leisure. they beat the BACON EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! easily

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