don't look into its eyes

Another exciting night in the Jackson/Noles household. First, we’ve been taking turns hiding that little naked doll (which belongs to my niece and was left here accidentally) (or was it?).  I just walked into the dark kitchen, and James, who was in the living room, asked me to see if he’d put his keys on the rack. I saw this in the dim light, and it scared the shit out of me. Doesn’t take much.

I joined James on the couch for a bit to play a rousing game of Plants vs. Zombies on my phone while he watched a show about people hunting Bigfoot. Only, instead of calling it “bigfoot,” they call it “squatch.” As in, sasquatch. And one of the guys is named Bobo. I’m looking at the little screen of my phone, not looking at the big screen of the TV, and it all sounds ridiculous. Bobo and Squatch. Bobo and Squatch. Sounds like the name of a hipster pasta restaurant. As if hipsters eat carbs.

Took my car in for a recall this morning and actually enjoyed sitting in the waiting room. No one else was there. The TV wasn’t very loud. The seat was comfortable. The AC was cranking. I sort of looked at my notebook but mostly was just lost in thought. It’s so rare to have a moment to sit and be still. I’ve never been one for meditation, so it’s not often that I can just…be. I wonder if they would think it was weird if I maybe stopped in there occasionally to gather my thoughts?

“Um, ma’am? Is there, uh, something we can help you with?”

“No. I’m fine. Thanks.”

“It’s just that…you keep coming in here and just…I mean, can we do something for you? Is there a problem with your car?”

“Am I breaking the law?”

“Well, technically, yes.”




3 thoughts on “squatch

  1. We have a big plastic roach complete with hairy legs that we would move around but it found a permanent home in the medicine cabinet to scare nosey guests…. ha!

    1. My roommates and I once rigged a medicine cabinet with handcuffs, rope and suppositories before a party. Only problem was, there was no key for the handcuffs. So of course someone at the party came out of the bathroom with the handcuffs on.

      I’ll never understand the desire to look in someone else’s medicine cabinet. Unless you’re looking for the good drugs, and I don’t think most people keep them there. I don’t want to know what sort of ointments my friends are using.

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