mutatis mutandis

The image from my goodbye card at work. Julia "Crystal" Child. I'm glad I look so excited about that roast. Because I am.

Today is my last day at Channel 8. I’m sad to leave my good friends at the station, but I’m very excited about this next chapter of my professional life. Seems ten years is the magic number for me. Ten years of bartending… Ten years of development… This is the first time I’ve actively, eyes-wide-open chosen my path instead of finding myself a mile down the road going, “Huh. I guess I’m doing this now.” Progress.

It was super cool working for the TV station I’ve watched my entire life. In addition to fond memories of Electric Company (I was too cool for Sesame Street), I still remember the animated Ch. 8 promo featuring Classical Gas from the ’70s. I’ll bet some other native Houstonians remember it too. I always meant to ask the old timers around here if there was a copy of that spot somewhere…

So long, public broadcasting. Now that I’m no longer a state employee, I can be more vocal about funding issues impacting NPR and PBS. Just as long as you people don’t try telling me that dinosaurs and man didn’t live together. That’s plain crazy talk.

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  1. Lived together? As in cohabitation? I mean, they were close and all, but I don’t think that they ever took their relationship to that serious of a level. They definitely each had their own place.

  2. I interned at Channel 8!! I bet most of the folks are still there. I’m sure you will be sorely missed. It’s a little family there.

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