wait, you want to make MONEY doing this?

While I’m happy that the chick at Hyperbole and a Half has a book deal, I’m bummed that yet another blog I enjoy will be lost to the wonders of publishing (aka “making money”). So many of the blogs I enjoy reading end up going semi-dark for a few months, with a post here and there but not the same frequency as before. Then comes the inevitable “I GOT A BOOK DEAL! Instead of reading my shit here, for free, once or twice a week, you can spend $18.99 to buy my book, read it once and forget I ever existed!” It’s a drag that not all sites can keep on trucking the way, say, PostSecret has. Even after a few books, the site is still very active.

Have no fear – there is no book deal in this blog’s future.

I’ve mentioned that I’m working on the Fight Stupidization website. Once that is up and limping along, I’ll have to rename this site. I thought about returning to the original name (Pithy), but decided to go with something new. Forward momentum. Of course, there is nothing new under the sun, so every name I’ve thought of has already been used in some way. Here are the two most recent that have been considered and abandoned because someone beat me to the punch:

  • Manifesto Destiny
  • Puns & Ammo

If only I were half as clever as I think I am.

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