quite peculiar in a funny sort of way

My new play The Singularity came in second for the Leah Ryan prize. Very cool.

As a rule, I never mention my job in my blog, but two things today merit mention. One, as I walked in this morning, I crossed paths with (and said hello to) two astronauts who were in the building for a taping. That was cool. When I was a kid, after I realized you couldn’t be a magician for a living, I wanted to be an astronaut. Almost as likely.

The other surprise happened when I opened the work fridge to put my lunch inside. This greeted me on the top shelf:


There’s pretty much no reason for a person to put a half-eaten, unwrapped orange in the refrigerator at their own home, much less in a work refrigerator. Come on. (as of lunchtime – it’s STILL there)

For a bit of diversion: Dads are the Original Hipsters.

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9 responses to “quite peculiar in a funny sort of way”

  1. Is it an orange or a grapefruit? Looks kinda pink to me, but that may be the fridge lighting.

    • Funny you should ask. I was sure it was a grapefruit and had written it as such. Then I thought, no way someone eats a grapefruit like an orange (I’m too rigid in my grapefruit-eating, I suppose, opting for the slice in half sideways and eat little sections one-at-a-time with a spoon version). So I thought it must be an orange that had darkened in color a bit due to the naked refrigeration. But methinks you are probably correct and it is indeed a grapefruit. I’m sure it’s still there today, so I’ll take another gander.

      • Yes, WAY! I eat a grapefruit just like I eat an orange, I peel them. Used to eat them the more “traditional” way that you described. But when I was about 17-18 years old, I stopped before cutting the grapefruit and asked myself, “Why do I peel oranges, yet cut grapefruits in half?” Ever since then I’ve always peeled them. I think it also coincides with major advancements in grapefruit breeding, where they’re a lot sweeter than they used to be, thus no need to cut them in half and sprinkle sugar on them. But yes, I had a grapefruit for dessert @ lunch Mon-Thur and I peeled every one of ’em.

        • Well there you go. Next time I eat a grapefruit, I’ll try that. It certainly makes more sense.

          Grapefruit was still there at the end of the day yesterday, by the way. It should be looking really good by Monday morning.

          • Grapefruit update: It was still there on Monday. I gave it a burial by trashcan. No word on whether or not the fruit eater was angry.

  2. Have you been getting angry comments (and not approving them) from magicians who do magic for a living? We actually know one – he goes to the gym with Allen. Musicians and magicians keep similar hours, apparently. (File this under random bit of info that no doubt you will one day need to call upon and startle someone by saying you know who knows a professional magician.)

    • No, but I wish that were the case. I would LOVE to get angry comments from magicians. I would further love for an angry magician to prove to me that magic is real so I can return to my original life plan, hatched as a six- or seven-year-old.

  3. I saw you FS sticker on the back of a car today. I LOVE this movement! 🙂 Can’t wait to buy the t-shirt!

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