I was merely acting, or save the drama for yo’ mama

I like it when the internet tells me about places like this

I unsubscribed from the Houston Chowhound list today. They won’t miss me – I was a lurker not a poster. The list hasn’t been fulfilling my needs for a while, so this was an overdue decision. I joined it because I wanted the skinny on good places to eat and liked hearing about new restaurants before they opened. But at some point over the past year, the list has gotten bogged down in stupid “controversies.”

Today’s controversy? Someone posted a link to one of those Hitler parody videos – there are lots, and they’re almost always funny, combining the vitriol and hatred of (an actor playing) Hitler with subtitles that are usually about something incredibly mundane and not worthy of such drama. The version posted on the chowhound list today is about Franklin Barbecue in Austin. Harmless. Funny. A couple of people responded that it made them laugh, but most of the messages discussed other good places to eat barbecue. Which is what the chowhound list is supposed to be about, of course.

Then one of the list members interrupted the delicious barbecue talk to let everyone know she was horrified, “outraged,” in fact, that someone had posted the video. She shared links to information about WWII and the Holocaust (from wikipedia, natch). Here’s a quote from one of her many messages about this topic:

“the Hitler video is not funny, war is not funny and my parents starved in Paris during WW2.”

Really? A person posts a funny video about a food truck and that translates into that same person saying that war is funny? You have to wonder if this woman is one of those people who’s always waiting (hoping) for someone to mention WWII/Hitler/the Holocaust so she can act sanctimonious and try to make others feel like assholes. As my friend Alex pointed out, this situation was a sort of reverse Godwin’s law.

The chowhound list moderator (bless her heart) jumped in a put a stop to the conversation, but I unsubscribed anyway. People need to lighten the fuck up and save the outrage for things that are outrageous. There’s plenty to choose from these days. Throw a dart blindfolded and you’ll hit something.

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  1. You crack me up! Thanks for putting the twisted shit in your brain on a blog for me to read!

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