I’ve got mail!

After going to the post office to mail a FS tee shirt to a friend in NYC (first out of state customer!), I thought I’d ramble over to my PO box on the off chance that something was inside. You can imagine my delight to find the box full…of catalogs. Hey, junk mail is better than no mail in this situation. Sure, the catalogs were addressed to some other woman or “occupant,” but it was still nice to have something waiting for me instead of the mocking emptiness.

Since I now had the name of a former owner of my PO box, I thought I’d do a google to see what sort of business she was in. If she was in business at all. I couldn’t find anything, so I just searched for my box number (3861) to see if that brought me more information. Oh, it did, but not about PO box 3861 in Houston. Seems there are boxes 3861 all over the place. And not all of them are fighting stupidization.

If you ever want to really dig down deep into the bowels of the internet, search for something as random yet specific as a PO box number. I remember finding all sorts of weird shit online in the early days of the internet, when we were just bumping around from one site to another. But now, with google and blogrolls and links to one site from another, it seems like the more content there is, the less you find the fringe stuff. (Defining “fringe” in this circumstance as something that is far from your particular viewpoint – one person’s “fringe” is another person’s “what I did yesterday.”)

Sure, you can easily find a place to buy blow up latex outfits and video of a singing squirrel with big nuts, but I’m talking about a random collection of sites that you wouldn’t think to search for (and, yes, I just searched for the squirrel video – in my defense, I searched for “singing squirrel” – the big nuts were just a bonus) (ahem).

Here’s a sampling of what people are doing at their PO box 3861:

  • Hindu Temple and Cultural Center (Bellevue, WA)
  • Gynecologist (Corpus Christi, TX) – note: I don’t think I want my doctor using a PO box as a mailing address
  • Painter (Carmel-by-the-Sea)
  • Veteran’s assistance organization (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Sewer drain repair (Jackson, OR)
  • Kayak rentals (South Padre Island, TX)
  • Chilean Embassy (New Zealand)
  • White supremacist named Glenn Miller who’s running for Senate seat (Missouruh) – note:  this wins the most unlikely for me to accidentally run across award in this list – his site is hateful and ignorant and everything the FIGHT STUPIDIZATION campaign is not.

You should try your own random search: “should have turned left” or maybe “car sounds like an owl.” Find some fringe stuff and remember the glory (hole) days of the early internet.

REMINDER: I’ll be at Onion Creek today from 2-4PM selling FIGHT STUPIDIZATION tee shirts. $10 each, cash only. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend. Chest advertising is very effective. And if you don’t feel like buying a tee shirt, at least come drink a beer with me. It’s a gorgeous day.


5 responses to “I’ve got mail!”

  1. This is particularly funny to me as I was googling a PO Box just a couple of days ago, convinced that the person using the box was somehow up to no good. The hits I got weren’t nearly as good as yours – apparently this box number isn’t duplicated as far & wide – but I did get one hit on a former (maybe current) occupants of the box that makes me increasingly suspicious about the person I was checking out.

    I may have to come to Onion Creek to tell you about it. I think that actually my weird quest to prove this entity a sham falls under the category of fighting stupidization.

    • Yes! Come by and share your story. And if you feel like it, please write up your story and email it to me – one of the sections in the new FS website will include ways people are fighting stupidization on the ground. Testify!

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