mobile tee shirt sales this Saturday

Here are the first few FIGHT STUPIDIZATION tee shirt orders, ready for pick up and delivery. I’m going to be at Onion Creek this Saturday, 2PM-4PM, quietly selling shirts for $10 each (I say quietly because I don’t want to be kicked out of the place – if you come by, maybe you could buy a beer or an iced tea while you’re there?). I have styles for both men and women. All shirts are black with white lettering (see previous post for a picture). I’ll also be giving out stickers.

If you can’t make it Saturday but would like a shirt, please email your order to fightstupidization (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m using PayPal to process credit card payments and will respond to your email with that information. Shipping adds $5 to the total (that’s $5 per order, not per shirt) (in case you want to buy shirts for the entire family) (and, really, why wouldn’t you?).

I’m excited that there has been such a strong interest in these shirts. I’m hoping that people will send in pictures of themselves wearing the shirts to be posted on the FS website. The more ridiculous or obscure the location, the better, though a simple shot of a person sitting on the couch in their living room is fine too.

All orders receive a free FIGHT STUPIDIZATION bumper sticker. Spread the word.


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