ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (we’re quite aware what we’re going through)


[Unrelated to this post: Last night’s dessert. When I purchased the box of frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate at the grocery store, I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for what I’d find. Frozen awesomeness. Delicious, semi-nutritious and funny? Can’t beat that. James almost made me leave the room when he ate his because I found it all so hilarious.]

You may notice a few changes happening around this blog. I’m dismantling my website and moving some of the content over here. In the near future, this site will have the new address of I think you should still be able to access it using the current address – it’ll just redirect you. One way to be sure we don’t lose touch would be to subscribe, either through your RSS reader or by signing up for an email alert (bottom right of this website).

The reason for the remodel is because the FIGHT STUPIDIZATION campaign is ramping up, and a necessary part of that growth means the campaign needs to have a life that is totally separate from mine. My little baby is going to move out and go to college and quit speaking to me, only calling on my birthday and…sorry. Change is always exciting and often sort of painful.

I’ll have to rename this blog (I may revert back to the original name of Pithy, or I may do something else entirely). What will not change will be the content, and I hope I can get back to posting four or five times a week. I still have plenty to say, I just haven’t had the time to say it.

Regarding the future for the FIGHT STUPIDIZATION campaign: We’ve had two planning meetings so far and have begun to formulate our attack. The first part of the plan is to get the website up and running, so that’s where a lot of my energy is focused right now. In addition to a new site full of information about fighting the stupidization, we’re also going to start having public gatherings in the Houston area. More on that as things develop. Just know that we’re working on it, and we’re all very excited about the future.

Finally, I ordered some FIGHT STUPIDIZATION tee shirts to sell. They are black with white lettering (to match the bumper stickers) and will be available for $10 each. If I have to mail it to you, that will be a couple of bucks extra. I’ll pick up the shirts tomorrow and will post pictures for your shopping pleasure. New stickers are on the way as well, and we now have a PO box for sticker requests (see: GET A STICKER at the top of this page). You mail me a SASE, I fill it with a sticker and some love and mail it back to you. Easy-peasy. Do it.

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