old school, chicks I know

I rented a PO box this week. Old school. Not for personal mail – it’s for the FIGHT STUPIDIZATION campaign. Once the new website is launched (perhaps a month or two from now), the new deal will be that you have to send a SASE to the PO box in order to receive a sticker. I’ll keep paying for printing the stickers, but paying for postage is starting to get a little hairy. It’s only $40/year to rent a box, which is a steal. Not counting the gas I’ll spend going to the post office once a week. Or the disappointment I’ll feel when I excitedly open the little door and don’t find any mail inside. I just rented the box earlier this week. Had to mail something after work today, so I thought I’d check the box. Even though I haven’t given anyone the address. Thought maybe the post office puts a little “congratulations on your new mail box” postcard in there or something. Nope. Totally empty and echo-y. Maybe I’ll send myself something.

My birthday was this week, and James took me to see Michael McDonald. Old school. I have a friend, Abby, whom I’ve known for a couple of years. We work together, we’ve done a show together and we hang out. But she didn’t know my thing about Michael McDonald. She thought I was kidding when I told her I really love him. See, it’s shit like this that keeps me from being a true hipster. A hipster would only go to a Michael McDonald concert ironically. I go to a Michael McDonald concert lovingly.

I recently started playing Words with Friends (scrabble) on my phone, and my friend Heather and I are in the midst of a game. I would consider both of us to have a pretty good grasp on the language, with solid vocabularies. Heather has, like, five degrees and I spend most of my time writing. But you wouldn’t guess this from our current game. Here are some words currently on the screen: did, rev, sexy, pea, ba, tao, yes, pa, gig, bus, tuba, tits. I’m not kidding.

My friend Andrea hipped me to this guy’s website. The only content on the site?  He sets the 2-second timer on his camera and then runs as far as he can away from the camera in that 2 seconds. So all of the shots are of his back side, in motion. It is entirely more funny than it should be, and the effect builds the further you scroll down the page. I love it when people commit themselves to consistenly doing something goofy.

(Update to scrabble game: I just played “meth.” Ha!)


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