tribute to Stephen Adams this Friday

Picture Book is hosting a musical tribute to the life and legacy of Stephen Adams this Friday in the back yard of the Continental Club, starting around 8PM. Picture Book features a couple of guys who played with Stephen Adams in the Dreambreakers, and for this special show they will call on other local musicians to sit in with them.

If you love the Beatles, BeeGees, Who, Buffalo Springfield, CCR, Stones, Animals, Kinks, Troggs, Dave Clark Five, Strawberry Alarm Clark and more from the ’60s, come check out this show. And if you knew Stephen Adams, you should definitely be in attendance. I think there will be opportunities for people to share stories if they feel so moved.

This will be a fitting tribute as the only appropriate way to say goodbye to him is through music.

Wonder if anyone will be able to pull off this song? Stephen Adams would often close a show solo, singing this and strumming his guitar as people were heading to their cars and the bartender was closing out the register. It was heart breaking enough when he sang it…


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