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– I need to send around this link to the entire office. We have a number of offenders who “reply all” to practically every email they get. The only problem with sharing the link is that I know a number of people will reply all to say they totally agree, and that will make my head explode.

– My recommendations on Amazon are becoming a bit…unreliable as I purchase more and more stuff for my niece and nephew. The first book on the list for me right now? My Big Girl Potty. I may not know a lot, but I do know how to go potty. Because I’m a big girl.

– I saw a Chick-fil-A billboard yesterday that featured a couple of cows writing about eating more “chikin.” You know, because if you’re eating chicken, you’re not eating cow. All of the company’s cow-related marketing features kitschy bad spelling, which makes no sense. If a cow has somehow learned how to communicate in English and hold a pen or paint brush in its hoof to write out its thoughts, it is obviously off-the-charts brilliant in the bovine world and would probably be a pretty good speller.

This video of little kids playing guitars doesn’t look real, like maybe they’re robots or their baby heads have been photoshopped onto adult musician’s bodies. I can’t believe they have the finger strength to pull this off, not to mention the artistic ability.

– One of my favorite bloggers has his moment in the New York Times. I’ve mentioned The Field Lab before (and literally have the tee shirt – for a while he was selling gray tees with THE FIELD LAB stenciled on the front with red spray paint) (because I’m a hipster), and I find Wells’ actions out in the West Texas desert inspirational as I daydream about my future cabin in the woods.

A man performs CPR on a dog, saving her life, and it was captured on video. Because isn’t everything? My grandfather Ted once saved his Welsh Corgi Toby’s life by giving him mouth-to-snout resuscitation. That dog hated everyone but my grandmother and spent the majority of his life under the table in the kitchen. My grandfather also saved my grandmother’s life, giving her the Heimlich Maneuver over dinner. Ted had a profound impact on everyone, dog-level on up, and was obviously paying attention during first aid classes when he was in the military.

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5 responses to “Friday list”

    • Yes? I think so. Unless there’s a Labracorgi wandering around out there, which is totally possible.

      Don’t be mad at me because I haven’t mailed your freaking book. There is no easily accessed post office near my house. Also, I suck. I am going to the post office today. For reals. Probably.

  1. I asked, because that was the first question that popped into my head when I read “Welsh corgi”. I’ve always just called them “corgis”, so the addition of “Welsh” threw me off for a sec. Until they come up with a corgi NOT from Wales, I think it’s safe to just call them corgis. Please understand that I wasn’t questioning your usage of the word “Welsh”, I was questioning my own lack of use.

    As for the book, I’m not getting all squidged up about it. I would suggest that you keep it in your car so that the next time you’re at Antidote or cruising in the Heights, you’ll be more likely to remember.

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