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Kero-whacked: Here’s a line-by-line recreation of On the Road, “retold for bros.” So massively horrible/awesome, you can only read a few passages at a time before your eye starts twitching. (I was looking for a site devoted to the original tale when I ran across this – a film version that hasn’t been released yet. Guess we’ve milked the ’80s and ’60s enough, let’s start in on the ’50s. Should have known this was coming after Howl came out and was well-received.)

Ruins of Detroit: Two photographers documented decaying Detroit. One of the things I find odd about their collection of photos is how much stuff is still in the buildings. The library still has books, the churches and ballrooms still have beautiful light fixtures and one church still has a piano. It would seem as if people just *poof* disappeared, except in some shots you can see signs that they were there after the fall. Like the one of the bank vault where a number of safe deposit boxes have been tossed on the floor after being checked for any treasure that might have been hiding inside. These buildings aren’t individual houses that were abandoned. They were once large, lovely, busy places full of people. And many of them look as if they were left to rot a hundred years ago, not 10 or 20 years ago. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with so many dead/dying buildings. Bad feng shui, to say the least.

Scariest Trail Ever: This is video of El Camino del Rey, a trail in Spain that probably shouldn’t be traversed anymore. Watch the video in full screen mode, and you may find yourself worried you’re going to fall off your chair. Kudos to the badass (and obviously insane) person who made this film.

Honey Badger: You may have already seen this video about the crazy nastyass honey badger, as narrated by some foul-mouthed dude and posted all over the internets a couple of weeks ago.  It’s worth a look, though probably not at work. This is a far, yet inevitable, cry from the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Sunday nights of my youth.

Travels with an Idiot: An Idiot Abroad is fast becoming my favorite show. The host Karl’s incredibly dry (arid, even) delivery is fucking funny. And unlike most travel shows where toothy hosts act as if they are comfortable in any situation and happy to meet people everywhere they go, Karl has no trouble expressing fear, distaste and disdain, voicing concerns that would not normally be expressed in polite company. He also gets obsessed about the little details, which I relate to. You can watch snippets on the show’s website, but you really need to see the full program for the complete effect.

Fight stupidization volunteer effort: No link for this one, but I wanted to let you know that almost 30 people have signed up to volunteer for FIGHT STUPIDIZATION: phase two. We’re having our first meeting in mid-March, where I will unveil the very simple idea I have for the next phase of the effort. The purpose of the meeting is to use the brain power of the group to map out what needs to happen next. If you’re interested in getting involved, please send me an email (you’ll find my email address on the bottom right of this page) and I’ll be in touch with further details.

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  1. I’ve seen the honey badger video before. By far and away the illest creature ever. I especially dig how he shook off the cobra poison like a bad hangover.

    1. For real. I didn’t even know that was possible, especially with something that only weighs about 20-25 pounds. Evidently they’re too mean to be poisoned.

  2. Totally with you on “An Idiot Abroad”, though I’m even more hooked on the HBO series “the Ricky Gervais Show”, also starring Karl Pilkington.

    An Idiot Abroad seems unfinished however, like they ran out of time or budget or interest while editing, and just decided to ship it to the Science Channel as is. Things that would greatly improve An Idiot Abroad:

    1) More subtitles. For everyone, including English speakers. (and especially Karl!)

    2) More intrusions from Ricky Gervais and his deranged Hyena-like laugh.

    3) A commentary track from Ricky and Steve as they watched the original footage from Karl’s journeys.

    (Maybe they’re saving those things for the DVD release!)

    And BTW – referring to Karl as “the host” is as funny as anything in any episode. “Victim” would be a much more apt description!

    1. Interesting notes about the show. A commentary track would be awesome…AFTER having first seen the shows without it (too distracting otherwise). I think the occasional lack of subtitles helps put you in Karl’s place since he (acts like he) is so often confused about what’s going on.

      I’ll have to check out the Ricky Gervais Show, assuming it lives places other than HBO.

  3. Those pictures are insane. Kind of a real life version of “Life After People” (how’s that for surreal – a show about a potential future on the “History” Channel?)
    Honey Badger: “King Cobra venom? I’ve had worse. Like that party where I did four shots of 151 in fifteen minutes and chased them with a can of watermelon Four Loko. Fucking Cobra. Whatever.”

  4. Just watched the current clip from An Idiot Abroad – “I wanted a second opinion from the Guinea Pig” – Brilliant!

  5. I haven’t yet found any of the HBO bits, but I did stun\mble across this treasure trove of old audio clips:

    “Although originally employed as an off air producer Ricky and Steve quickly realised the potential of the round headed Manc and involved him more and more. By the end of series one Karl evolved from a background figure to virtually taking over.”

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