Fighting stupidization in Arizona on Route 66

Are you interested in getting more involved in the Fight stupidization campaign? I’m in the very (very) early stage of planning something sort of big, and I need help. (Not money. What I’m planning will only cost a little bit of jack, which I will provide.) I need brain power. Specifically:

  • web people (content brainstorming, technical issues)
  • organizers (planning, networking)
  • idea people (big picture, long-term possibilities)
  • creative types (making things pretty)

The first gathering will happen in Houston over lunch, happy hour or coffee in March, depending on everyone’s availability. If people from other places would like to get involved as the project progresses (I’d love to have people outside of Houston), further meetings can happen online/over the phone.

Please send me an email (crystal at cryjack dot com) if you’re interested in getting involved. This is not a pyramid scheme. There will be no public speaking (unless you want to). No exchange of money.  No nudity required (unless you want to). I just need your sharp minds. We can change the world. Maybe. I promise.

Spread the word. It’s on like Donkey Kong.


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