Friday list (snow-free edition)

How is it that my gloved finger cannot operate my iPhone, yet when the phone is in my pocket it makes calls on its own? It’s not like I keep my 11th finger in my pocket. (I keep it in a lipstick case in my glove box. Just for emergencies.) If I wore gloves more often than just a few days each winter, perhaps I would consider buying a pair of these.

This cold snap has had a delightful impact on my usually bland wardrobe. In addition to purple gloves, I’ve also been sporting a hat in the out of doors. I’ve always liked hats (not talking about gimme caps or those things women used to pin into their hair) and wish they were more a part of our daily wearables. Of course, then I’d have to learn how to deal with hat-head.

Even though the “one to four inches” of snow being predicted in a very loud and alarming way didn’t arrive last night/today, I’m glad to have a snow day just the same. Lots of ice on the roads this morning. Of course, Houston looks like a pussy to the parts of the country with two feet of snow on the ground. All I can say is, bring those people to Houston midday in August (any August) for some outdoor activities and see who drops first. One person’s extreme weather is another’s regular day.

Whether you were gifted with an unexpected day off or are slogging through a cold Friday, be careful on the icy roads. We (I include myself at the top of the list) don’t know how to drive on ice in this town. There were 100 wrecks this morning!

One thought on “Friday list (snow-free edition)

  1. It’s been my experience that a majority of Houstonians have more than enough problems just driving on dry pavement, much less once you add any kind of precipitation. It was actually a good thing that many places called a “snow day”, because the icy conditions were pretty hazardous. Now, if it had actually snowed, it wouldn’t have been nearly as bad, ’cause snow is a lot easier to drive on than ice. I was fortunate in the fact that my boss called me early in the morning and told me to take my time getting to work, which allowed me the luxury of letting the first couple waves of idiots skid & slide their way through (as well as the entertainment value of watching them on t.v.) before hitting the roads. “Whudda ya mean, ‘The roads are covered in ice??’ Ain’t no mamby-pamby frozen water gonna keep ME from driving 80 mph down the freeway! Dang gummit!”

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