(frozen) flotsam

**For those of you wondering about the cheese enchilada class – it was a lot of fun, and I’m pretty sure I have the knowledge necessary to make some kick ass TexMex enchiladas at home. Going to give it a test run on Superbowl Sunday. If it goes well, perhaps I’ll branch out and actually invite people over to try them in the near future. Now I need to figure out where to buy lard…

I was mistaken about who would be taking the class with me. Rather than old lady fan girls, it was 30-something fan boys. There were four women and seven men, and the three women who weren’t me were married to three of the men who were there. And the men were more active in the conversation than their wives were, so one could argue that the women were along for the ride.

A couple of the guys seemed to have come with talking points, making sure to ask lots of “insider” questions of our host. It always makes me uncomfortable to watch someone have an emotional, giggling hard on for someone they deem to be a celebrity. Sadly, since I was the only person who didn’t bring a friend to the class, I had no one to roll my eyes at. I looked for a hint of acknowledgment in the eyes of my classmates, but they all seemed blissfully unaware of how irritating these two guys were. Guess I’m the Princess and the Pea of social situations. So fucking sensitive.

**I’ve noticed over the past little while that I have some sort of shrinking disease. When I go to work in the morning, the rearview mirror is exactly right. Yet every day when I drive home, it isn’t. As if the mirror has moved…or I’ve shrunk. For a while I readjusted the mirror in the evening. But that meant I had to re-readjust it the next morning, once I’d returned to my full height. Evidently, my job is pressing down on my shoulders and compacting my spine. I need to get one of those standing desks instead of sitting all day.

**It’s so cold outside and getting even colder tonight than it was last night, I’m considering inviting the (imaginary?) ax-wielding hobo who lives in the shed in the far corner of our backyard to come inside to warm up and have a cup of cocoa.


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  1. Next time you take a class like this let me know. I will kindly roll my eyes with you or say something inappropriate.

  2. Actually, it’s a documented scientific fact that you shrink a little bit over the course of a day due to gravity. You’re at your very tallest when you wake up in the morning, but then over the course of the day, as you’re sitting and standing and gravity is dropping down on you from above and the weight of your body is weighing you down, you get a little bit shorter. Then you stretch out as you sleep, so the next morning you’re tall again. That happens to everyone.

  3. Most grocers have lard, you just have to look hard for it. Usually it is on the very top or bottom shelf in the section of the baking isle where the shortening and oils are. Unless you go to Fiesta, where you can get it in 3 gallon pails if you decide start catering those enchiladas.

    I am a pretty darn good baker. I went trough a phase of using lard for a lot of things. There are some who think it, like butter, is healthier for you than the highly processed junk that goes into so much prepackaged food. Quantities are key. Moderate amounts won’t stop your heart instantly. I found that even for things like the flakiest pie crust, there are fats I prefer to “plain” lard. I collect and save bacon fat. (Mmmmm bacon!) So when I want the “meaty” flavor, or the dense fat, if the bacon flavor won’t conflict, (it compliments almost everything), I use that. For other applications I use various oils or shortening. I try to stay away from the partially hydrogenated and “trans fats” of all sort.

    I worked in the kitchen of a texmex place in college. we just dunked the corn torts in the deep fryer with tongs for a couple of seconds to make the pliable. At home now, I often “steam” them 2 or 3 at a time as I am making the enchiladas, this doesn’t work as well, but it is less mess and I don’t really mind if I have a few blowouts.

    On a different track: I have the same sort of “anti-social” issues. My newest favorite quote about that is from dear old Charles Bukowski, in Barfly. When asked if he hated most people, he replied, “No, I am just happier when they are not around.”

  4. Yeah, you can go with the whole “gravity compresses you over the course of the day” thing, or you can go with the “over the course of the workday my job crushes my soul” theory.

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