there’s a difference between a tap and a knock

Tap Vs. Knock
Yesterday afternoon, Stella the ratdog and I were having a siesta in the living room. While we were lying on the couch – resting but not sleeping – there was a very light tap-tap-tap on the front door. Not a knock. A tap. The dogs immediately sprang into motion, barking like it was the end of the world as they always do when someone’s at the door. Not wanting to open up to friend or foe with a blanket and pillow on the couch (sloth is a sin, after all), I jumped up, grabbed the bed stuff off the couch and tossed it into my office, put on my glasses and went to the door. Maybe 20 seconds had passed. Max.

I looked through the peephole before opening up. No one was there, unless it was a child who was too short for me to see. Not falling for that one, girl scout cookie seller. I went into the kitchen to get a better view of the front, and there was a guy walking up our driveway. White dude in jeans and a white button down who had almost reached the street. Our house is set pretty far back from the road, so he must have turned around immediately after tapping. Didn’t wait a reasonable amount of time for someone to answer. He got into the passenger side of a dirty red work pickup that had a gold logo of sorts on the door. The truck drove off. I opened the front door to see if there was maybe a flier for landscaping services or something. Nothing. I went back inside to discuss all of this with James. Then I saw the truck drive by again. Didn’t see them  stop at any other houses on our street. Creepy.

It’s not a big deal. Maybe the guy did put a business card in the door, and the card blew off before I got to it. Maybe he realized he had the wrong house when he heard dogs barking inside. The thing that bothered me the most about this situation was the tapping. Who taps on someone’s front door? You tap on a hospital door when visiting a friend, wanting to make sure they’re covered before you enter. You tap on your boss’ door before bringing them the Pensky file. You don’t tap on the front door of a house if you want someone to answer.

Perhaps it was the Raven.

4 responses to “there’s a difference between a tap and a knock”

  1. Sounds like he was casing your crib. Dogs scared him off. Not that I know anything about that sort of thing, however.

    • I thought that too, Rod, but what kind of dumbass cases a joint on a Sunday afternoon with two cars in the driveway? Regardless, I’m glad to have a big dog whose bark sounds like Satan.

  2. Interesting. I always try to knock “politely”, which I presume is somewhere between a tap and a loud knock or banging.

    When those guys come around trying to sell magazine subscriptions, the worst things they can do is bang on my door with more than a polite but gentle knuckle rap. Banging in a many that implies “Open Up!” immediately puts me into counter-offensive mode (“WTF is banging on my door?”), and I open it ready to knock an intruder down the steps.

    • I agree. An overly aggressive knocking isn’t likely to make me open the door. A regular knock or, as you said, rap is fine. Light tapping with the tip of one’s fingernail, which I wouldn’t have heard had I not been snoozing on the couch a few feet from the door, isn’t ideal.

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