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Man, I’m pretty unimpressed with my blog output in 2011. I hope I can get cranking again. Too much going on at work, including the news that we will be merging with the public radio station. This is a great move that will create a much stronger, more dynamic organization, but the growing pains will be pretty intense. Anyway, on to the Friday list.

– Check out this awesome treehouse. Parts of it remind me of the set for 2001: A Space Odyssey, which balances nicely with all of the nature surrounding the house. [Side note: a few years ago, I met Keir Dullea (the guy who becomes the star child at the end of 2001) when his wife was in a show at the Alley. Delightful fellow who still has amazingly beautiful, intense eyes (which Kubrick focused on throughout the film). While he was here, the Alley hosted a screening of 2001 at the Angelika (RIP) followed by a talkback with Dullea. It was super cool.]

– A friend of mine (whom I shan’t name) watches horrible shows on television and then tells me about them. He relates his enjoyment in such a way that I find myself searching out programs I would normally never watch. Totally his fault, in other words. I’m not talking about the fake reality shows with plastic people pretending to be in relationships – I’m talking about stuff like My Strange Addiction. I watched an episode featuring a woman who is addicted to eating couch cushions (according to her, the darker outside portion of the cushion – the crust, if you will – is more tasty than the lighter interior). She even takes chunks of it in her purse to nibble on throughout the day. So much (non-PBS) TV is a sideshow barker, calling us in to meet the freaks. Once we’ve all been numbed to the peccadilloes of our fellow earth travelers, where will the TV people go for content? Might have to return to hiring writers and telling stories. Old school. The only other option is that each of us gets our own TV channel, which anyone with cable can tune in to watch. Take my advice and skip my channel. There’s very little nudity and way too much cussing.

– Though I’m not a fan of the facial hair, I tip my (imaginary) hat to these guys. That takes some dedication. And an understanding partner.

– On the drive to work this morning I enjoyed a particularly random selection of songs provided by my iPod. The best back-to-back combination: John Denver’s The Eagle and the Hawk followed by Ice Cube’s It was a Good Day. I pictured John Denver and Ice Cube hanging out on a small front porch in a black neighborhood. The sun is glinting off John Denver’s thick glasses, almost blinding Ice Cube as he sips on his 40. Things are awkward and the conversation is going nowhere until one of them pulls a joint out of his shirt pocket. A few minutes later they’re laughing, having a good visit, talking about bitches and good places to go skiing.

5 thoughts on “Friday list

  1. Maybe, just maybe,in the far distant future, when your post menopausal beard comes,in you will feel differently about facial hair.
    Walk a mile in my shoes and all that.

    1. Haha! So far I only have one lone hair on my chin, which I kill as soon as I see it. If a better crop comes in later, maybe my perspective will change. By which I mean that I will go in for waxing or start shaving. There are some things I can get away with, but I don’t think I can pull off a beard.

      I’m glad my people are not of the hairy persuasion.

  2. crystal my dear, NEVER grow a beard. speaking for those of us that have NO problem growing a beard, you don’t want all the maintenance involved. you thought long hair was hard to deal with, add long facial hair to the equation and you will be miserable. however, john denver and ice cube sharing a joint, talking ’bout bitches takes the cake for this weekend!! hope houston isn’t sucking too much!

  3. Knew I should “breeze in” today. KILLER treehouse, 2001, one of
    my favorites, crusty sofa cushions and not too desirable beards.
    That adds to my fuel. Thanks Crystal.

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