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I haven’t done much blog posting in 2011. I’m trying to get through draft two of my full length play, so I’ve been using available lunch time to work on that instead of writing here. I did try writing a post yesterday about the shootings in Arizona. I’ve decided to just leave that in the drafts folder and move on.  Know when to hold ’em; know when to fold ’em.

Today, I’d like to share a few of the interesting search terms that have brought visitors to my blog over the past few months. They have not been corrected for shitty spelling or overall weirdness.

  • trippy pictures to look at when your high
  • sexist baby clothing
  • book cover pink tricycle book masculinity
  • tricycle michael jackson
  • adult riding a tricycle
  • radio flyer trick tricycle 1950
  • big man on tricycle
  • fat man on little tricycle
  • untightened lug nuts
  • see through silence birthday cake
  • happy 11 birthday cake that said elizabeth
  • christmas party through the window
  • gravestone in backyard
  • shittay
  • turtle show
  • baby pushing baby
  • “everyone thinks my boyfriend is gay”
  • holly hunter bunions
  • trippen hermit black
  • tiny white caterpillar in house “not fuzzy”
  • heights houston douchebags
  • what direction to place giraffe pen holder on a desk in fengshui
  • stuffed dog dances to who let the dogs out
  • accidental nudity
  • who is that spooky singer in the hyunda commercial
  • hyundai commercial hipster douchebags
  • twitchy cletus
  • the generation that swore it would never get old, didn’t
  • just for men touch of gray,bullshit?
  • stupidization real word
  • doe ray me far so la tee doe scale
  • waiting for your arrival sister
  • bacon strokes
  • freaky paula deen
  • little kings beer
  • assumptions about people drinking beer
  • get unplugged tvs and verbs that are turned “off”
  • you can see me when you see monkeys flying out of my but

As usual, the search terms are more interesting than the blog. What I found most odd were the various “man on tricycle” searches. Guess there’s some interest on the internet in men who are riding something that is inappropriately sized. Ahem. The most common searches (which are not included above) are a variation on cabin in the woods (cabin at night, writer’s cabin, how to build a cabin in the woods, building permits for cabin in woods, etc.). This suggests there are plenty of other people who have cabin fantasies. Probably other city-dwelling writers who think that bucolic splendor and simple living will be a growth tonic for their work. And also manifesto-creating, sunglasses wearing guys in hoodies. And militia members. And gnomes.

In other news, this is exciting. I’ve signed up for a class. Maybe it’ll serve as a sneak preview to El Real Tex-Mex Cafe, the restaurant Robb Walsh is opening later this year.

In further other news, the winners of the two copies of Travels with Charley are: Conn and Janel. Next book I read that grabs me like that will be treated in a similar manner, though I may not always give away multiple copies. I’m almost done with Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan. It will not be receiving this treatment, bless its heart.

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  1. I won something? I honestly forgot that there was a prize involved; with the length of my ramblings, most could understand why. But, I am a big Steinbeck fan, and that is one of his I’ve never read. YAY!

    When you asked for my address, I thought (and hoped) you might be sending me a “Fight stupidization.” t-shirt and bumper sticker. I know I’ve got at least one bumper sticker somewhere in the house, but I can’t find it, at the moment.

    Twitchy Cletus? I think I’ve met that guy…

    1. I may just drop the book by your house next time I go to Antidote and save the postage. I’ll be sure to put a sticker in it as a bookmark. I ordered six tee shirts and gave them away at our recent happy hour – need to order more. It’s on the list. The long, long list.

  2. Trout Fishing is interesting in it’s way, but Brautigan’s mostly overlooked masterpiece is “In Watermelon Sugar”. It is pretty short, I have read the entire thing in a single afternoon. And some of his poetry is pretty good. The rest of his fiction, (and I read about 90% in a frenzy inspired by Watermelon sugar), is about like Trout Fishing.

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