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  • If you like nerd tee shirts that don’t cost much and aren’t in heavy circulation, check out Shirt Woot. That’s where I bought Tohner a The Rent Is Too Damn High Party tee and myself a bright green owl tee, which I am wearing today. [Note the drug store purchased clip on sunshades that aren’t quite the same size/shape as my glasses, the goofy beaded necklace that I made, the fleece vest. Casual Friday, take that!] I’d hoped to capture the owl better, but I didn’t really want one of my coworkers to park next to me only to find me sitting there taking pictures of myself. (I park at the back end of the lot in the no ding zone, so the chances of someone actually parking next to me were pretty slim. But still. No need to make people think I’m more odd than they already do.)

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  • I’ve had my iPhone for a few years now, so you’d think that when I type “shit,” it wouldn’t try to auto-correct the word to “shut.” I can pretty much guarantee that I’ve used “shit” entirely more often than “shut” since I’ve had this phone. And probably just in general.
  • Do you ever get the feeling that the powers that be (you know, big brother) are collecting humiliating/incriminating information about each of us, which they will use when the need arises? Like the Navy captain who was just fired for some videos that he produced in 2006/07 that were shown on board a carrier for Friday movie night. He stopped making them when he was told to three years ago, but he wasn’t fired until now. Wonder why? He must be bothering someone who decided to just get rid of him. I watched a portion of one of the videos – the humor was fairly juvenile (I didn’t hear a fart joke but kept waiting for one), with sex jokes that could have been made by most high school guys – you know, guys who are probably close to the age of the people who are serving on a carrier for months at a time.  Think about how many stupid, humiliating things you’ve done. Inappropriate behavior at work, ranting emails when you were drunk and/or mad, passes that weren’t reciprocated or appreciated. Things that, once they were over, you said a sigh of relief – thank God no one saw that/video taped that/was in the vicinity to witness that. Guess what? Someone did see it, did video tape it and was in the vicinity. And that shit will break loose just about the time you start causing trouble.
  • Michelle Bachmann might run for President? Oh my God, guys, what if Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell all run, and somehow they end up in a debate with each other? Can you imagine the misinformation, insanity, inanity, “patriotism” and displaying of teeth and lipstick that would follow? I would find it ridiculously entertaining, right up until the moment my head exploded.

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  1. Please let Palin and crew run. Best. Thing. Ever. I’m honestly not sure which one of those three is clearly the most batshit.

  2. I think if those 3 get into a room together it would be akin to what Dr. Egon “Ghostbusters” thought would happen if the streams from the Proton packs crossed….”total protonic reversal”


  3. You crack me up. What I’m laughing aloud about this minute: Crystal sitting in the car taking pictures of herself. Hahhahhaaha . . . . Please be parked in some lot I visit today. Just so I can say: oh, yeah, freaky. But I know why she’s doing that.

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