there will be bacon

Yesterday was Mason’s birthday. Since he’s no longer here to celebrate it, we celebrated for him. In true Mason fashion, the menu was focused on something bacon-centric that he first brought to everyone’s attention a couple of years ago (he was also the first person I know to have made it): The BACON EXPLOSION. [The name has to be in all caps. Your computer should format it automatically because it’s so epic.] If you aren’t hip to the BE, here’s a pictorial. I had to wash my hands between each step so I wouldn’t get raw meat on my camera. I think that’s not good for it or something.

first, create a blanket of bacon
after sprinkling the bacon with BBQ rub, cover it with a blanket of sausage
top the sausage with cooked, crispy pieces of bacon
add BBQ sauce and more dry rub
once the fillings are in place, roll it up and pinch the ends closed
sprinkle with even more dry rub
smoke it in the smoker at 225 degrees - don't peek - if you leave it alone, it will cook at the rate of an inch per hour - our three-inch thick loaf was complete in right at three hours
it comes off the smoker looking quite charred - the bacon carmelizes into something that's both crunchy and tender because directly underneath that black crust is softer bacon
slather with BBQ sauce and enjoy - the sausage and bacon create a lovely meat pinwheel design that is revealed when the thing is sliced like a meatloaf

Guest list: James, Robert, Dennis, Lisa, Abby, Rob and me. The usual suspects. What’s awesome is that one of those people is vegetarian and another doesn’t eat pork. They brought a vegetable pot pie to share, so our BE was balanced by a green salad and tasty veggie pie. And wine. And beer. And whiskey.

Thanks, Mason, for introducing us to such a ridiculous creation. It was certainly memorable. And funny. How often can you say that your meal made you laugh?

UPDATE: I somehow neglected to share the most important thing – it was DELICIOUS. The BE had a wonderful, deep smokey flavor (which is why the creators said you shouldn’t bake it). The sauce and dry rub added a bit of zing, and the texture was multi-layered – the crispy outside gave way to softer bacon inside which gave way to solid sausage, sauce and crispy bacon the further you traveled. Well worth the journey.

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  1. The woven bacon “crust” is a thing of awe and wonder. I had thought that weaving raw greasy pieces of meat would be vile . . . . Ha! Shows you how much I knew.

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