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workin' hard or hardly workin'?

I took this shot as a representation of what it was supposed to be like at the office today. Before getting into that, I want to talk a bit about my little slice of space here at the gristmill. As you can see, I feel comfortable wearing jeans and Converse to work, which is awesome. You’ll note that the coffee mug holding my pens/pencils is from the Alley. In the background is a copy of the artwork used for two Albee plays that were produced…at the Alley. I do have PBS stuff up, but it’s all behind me. Watching over my shoulder as I type. There’s also a Fight stupidization. sticker, a flier for the show we did at DiverseWorks three (!) years ago and some photos taken in NYC and SF on vacations past. The little sign on the door says “Do Not Disturb // Please Knock,” which are two conflicting directives. And the lighting is subdued because I use lamps with bulbs rather than the overhead fluorescent light. Just setting the stage for where I do my lunchtime blogging.

As for the Converse, it may have been the purchase of these shoes that made me finally admit that I am, in fact, at least 80% hipster (of the LITT variety – long in the tooth). It was either these shoes or the green owl tee shirt. I think it was the shoes because the owl tee shirt was not purchased ironically. I like owls; I like green. So I bought a bright green tee shirt with an owl on it. I’ve worried in the past about wearing shit that’s inappropriate for my age. I no longer worry about that and just wear what I want. If the worst thing someone can say about me is, “Isn’t she a little old to be wearing a bright green owl tee shirt and Converse sneakers?,” I’m doing better than I think.

As for work, I took the photo above when I first got here this morning, knowing I’d be blogging at lunch about how quiet and uneventful the day was because there are just a handful of us present. Should have known that I was tempting fate as a bit of poo has hit the fan, and the few of us who are here are having to address the cleanup (though it is not, as far as the org chart goes, our problem). The first rule of any scary movie is that when it gets quiet, that’s when the bad stuff starts happening (not that I am comparing working here to a scary movie). Sometimes you eat the b’ar, and sometimes the b’ar, well, he eats you. The bear hasn’t eaten me today, but he did take a nibble out of my ass. That’s okay. Plenty to spare.

So my plans to play loud music in my office and skip down deserted halls hasn’t come to fruition and isn’t likely to. At least I had enough of a break to write this and eat lunch at my desk. Once I leave work today, I’m in final-prep-for-Christmas mode and won’t be blogging for a couple of days. See you on the flippity-flip.

I’ll leave you with this. [Enjoy with the sound up and the screen minimized unless you like watching random images that were probably gathered by googling “christmas” and then placed in no particular order to make a video – I couldn’t find a version with just the audio.]

One thought on “it’s quiet…TOO quiet…

  1. You go on with your green owl t-shirt. At the ripe old age of 43, I’m holding down the post-post-hipster fort in SF wearing a Curious George t-shirt, loose-fitting (read: holiday eatin’ pants) and Uggs.

    I have actually tried to step up the work wardrobe recently… A couple of months ago I suddenly got roped into a meeting at one of our city’s more prestigious arts institutions. Everyone in the room was wearing a variation on the black suit except for me. The city was in the middle of Giants fever, and I was wearing my orange t-shirt that says “Let Tim Smoke.” Boy did I feel professional. I honestly don’t think there was one other person in the room who even knew what it meant. (Someone actually asked me if “we” were playing football or baseball)

    Anyway. Since then I’ve had to go back to meet with the same group twice and have consciously crafted a wardrobe transition. I can’t show up one time wearing jeans, t-shirt and ratty tennies, then walk in the next week wearing a Prada suit. So the last two meetings I’ve gone for the “arty but serious marketing dude” look — black pants, black shirt, snotty attitude. Nobody has paid any more attention to what I had to say than they did the first time – in fact I think they ignored me even more. So what the hell, I’m thinking I’ll just stick with my usual “look” and let the fashion chips fall where they may.

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