Part Three: Big Sur, the digs

You know how I’m always talking about that writing cabin in the woods? You can imagine my delight when we entered our second floor dwelling at Deetjens – Upper Creek – and I saw this view. The window is just behind a little desk with a lamp. Perfect. Tohner and his family stayed in the lower half of the house – Lower Creek, natch – so we were able to access their fireplace, and they could hang out on our balcony.
Here’s the same view after the fog rolled in. We were lucky to have experienced rain/fog on only half a day during our trip. Unusual for Big Sur this time of year, I think. It provided the opportunity to take a break from the hiking. Though James and I both lead fairly sedentary lives, when we go on vacation we’re all about hiking and being in nature as much as possible.
Here’s the foggy view from our balcony.
In Upper Creek, in order to sit on the terlet you have to sort of turn sideways. The shower is also pretty small. If you drop the soap, you either have to hit your head against the wall or hang your ass out the shower curtain to retrieve it. All part of the fun.
This is the main room of Upper Creek, which is also the bedroom. It opens onto the balcony. The foundation of the little two-story house sags on one side, which means the floor tilts on both levels. Which further means that the bed has quite a pitch to it. I had to fight to stay on the bed. I know the small bathroom and pitched floor makes our stay sound like no fun, but it really was. Deetjens is a rustic place with a great vibe. You’re not staying there for modern conveniences and things like level floors…
Here’s the other room of Upper Creek, which features the writing desk and window shown above. Another cool thing about Deetjens is they have journals in each room that date back a couple of decades and are specific to each room. Visitors are encouraged to write an entry when they stay, though not everyone does. We’ve stayed in the same place at Deetjens two times, so my previous entries are in the journals of New Room. When I wrote my entry for this trip, in Upper Creek, I sat at the cool little writing desk, stared out the window and wrote about Mason. While the journals of some of the other rooms are often full of sex stories (Deetjens has that sort of vibe to it), the journals for Upper Creek were a little more tame. I think because the floor creaks when you sneeze, and many families stay in both storeys together, so… you know.
We didn’t just hike.


  • Deetjens Big Sur Inn Each time it gets more enjoyable.
  • Nepenthe Restaurant Meals with an awesome view. If you get there before sunset, the view goes on for miles.
  • Trader Joe’s Why oh why doesn’t Houston have a Trader Joe’s? I’m sure it relates to distribution issues and bullshit like that, but come on. We bought 12 bottles of wine, a bottle of Macallan, fruit, pumpkin bread and a number of snacks for $150. Wine is much cheaper in California, just as gas is much cheaper in Texas. Suppose it’s a supply thing. I’d prefer to be in the place with cheaper wine though I’m pretty sure I use more gas on a volume basis.

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