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The thing about constantly bombarding people with your bullshit online is that when you aren’t doing so, they start to wonder what’s wrong. Is she hiding? Did she get tired of the sound of her own voice? Go out of town to a place with no internet access? No. No. And yes. My family–my parents; my little brother, his wife and their two kids; James and I–traveled to Northern California. My parents treated us to this trip, the reason for which was two-fold. We marked the one-year passing of my brother Mason, who loved that part of the country, and we had the rare opportunity to spend a big chunk of time together without the distractions of our regular lives. I’m writing up a couple of posts about the trip that I’ll probably post tomorrow.

When we flew out of IAH, it seemed that none of the body scanners were in use though plenty were in evidence. On the way out of San Jose, there were multiple scanners but only one in use. I just got in a metal detector line and skipped the drama (plus, I didn’t have a chance to order one of these yet). You have to wonder if they’re very slowly phasing in the scanners in an attempt to keep a lid on the protesting, waiting until everyone’s attention is on something else. It’s hard to keep issues on the front burner with the constant barrage of information and the typical early energy investment that quickly fades as people move on to the next conflict.

First they came for my bottle of water, and I said nothing because I try not to drink too much when I fly. I hate having to use the awkward, stinky little bathroom. The sink is always wet even though they have the sign that says you should wipe it off out of consideration for the next passenger but no one ever does.

Then they came for my shoes, and I said nothing (well, I probably bitched a little) because there were so many other things to worry about like getting out my laptop and taking off my jewelry and not making jokes about airport security, which they’re pretty much begging you to do with all of the signs telling you not to joke about airport security.

Then they made me submit to a body scan (or a grope), and I wrote about it in my blog and on facebook but otherwise did nothing because I’m just as lazy as everyone else.

Then they said you have to submit to a full cavity search, just to be on the safe side, and I said, “Fuck this, I’m driving.”

5 responses to “back in the saddle”

  1. The sad thing – I was thinking about flying somewhere because 2010 is over and the search might be the best action I will have had in the entire year.

  2. Fuck this, I’m driving this year. Body scanners are only part of it – insane airfares compounded with prohibitive car rental rates plus the fact that work is going to be dead for the next two weeks and I haven’t taken a road trip in a few years = Road Trip!

  3. OCD kicks my ass every time I walk into one of those bathrooms. I can’t help but wipe everything up. Have no fear, if you potty after me it will be clean…and its not out of respect, it’s put of being boarderline nuts when it comes to cleanliness.

  4. And then they came for my yogurt, to which I said, umm that’s not a liquid, to which they said, oh yes it is. But they didn’t come for my banana, which in retrospect I wish they did because it squished all over the inside of my purse… when it exploded with that mini bomb I shoved in it.

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