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my brother

My brother Mason died a year ago today. It may have been a full 365 days, but it still feels completely surreal to write those words. As if perhaps I have gone crazy, lost touch with reality and am living in an alternate (and horrible) universe. If only that were the case.

This past year has been one of adaptation as all of us, Mason’s family and friends, have tried to reorder our lives. We are now missing a crucial ingredient of everyday living, and many of us have lost faith in the “order” of things. He was too young, too vibrant, too healthy and happy and coming into his own to have died so suddenly.


In honor of Mason and all who love him, I’ve created a place where friends and family can gather together, online, to share stories. In addition, I imported his blog (Hypocridiot) and linked to over 200 photos. Ideally, this will become a living memorial, something that lives on well after his departure. Please visit, and if you have a story to tell, tell.

Because it’s important to remember.

3 thoughts on “it’s important to remember

  1. Every time I go to Little Big’s, I think about getting a few extra sliders to feed to the hungry hipsters.

    I’m so, so sorry.

  2. Great post Ms Jackson. I enjoyed looking at the site you’ve created. It’s amazing to read Mason’s words and wit and looking back at the photos I remembered how darn good lookin’ he was too! Clearly runs in the family. Love to you today and always.

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