wine and Bukowski on a Saturday night

You know how the things you do when no one’s watching are often more illuminating of your character than what you do when people are around? Well, James is out of town this weekend, and I poured my first glass of wine today at 4:30PM. So I guess I need to think about what that means. I’m pretty sure it means that I’m awesome.

Speaking of drinking, I added a couple of Charles Bukowski CDs (recordings of him reading his work) to my iPod, and that addition has made my commute to work much more interesting. I’ll listen to three or four (random) minutes of his usually funny, always dark stuff, and then the next thing will be something ridiculous like a Michael McDonald song. One time, Big Poppa came on, and it occurred to me that Bukowski was definitely an Ol’ G.

I was looking around for a poem or two to link to here, but it’s hard finding full works online. Then I ended up on YouTube. There are lots of Bukowski-related videos. There’s even one of Tom Waits reading Bukowski. I guess that was a natural pairing. Check this out – it’s Bukowski bullshitting for a moment, and then he reads The Last Days of the Suicide Kid. (If I had to guess, I’d say that’s a bottle of Schlitz he’s drinking there at the end.) Oh yeah. Yeah.

A friend posted one of those facebook queries the other day – you know, where, in fewer than 15 minutes, you’re supposed to name 15 writers that you dig. The time limit is there so you don’t start googling a list of writers you don’t actually read in an attempt to make yourself seem more well read than you really are. Here was my list: Charles Bukowski, Edward Albee, George Saunders, Stephen King, Lloyd Kahn, David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris, Kurt Vonnegut, Li Po, Sarah Ruhl, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lewis Black, George Orwell, Jon Stewart, Margaret Cho.

Out of fifteen writers, there are only three women. And Margaret Cho just randomly ended up on the list as writer number 15 – I’ve only read one book of hers. Probably the only book of hers. I think I got stuck after Jon Stewart and thought that I better add another chick. Sometimes I think that I should read more female writers, but I don’t really do affirmative action when it comes to whom I read. I like what I like, you know?

And that’s okay.

9 thoughts on “wine and Bukowski on a Saturday night

  1. You are worried about 4:30? Try 8:30 am sometime. One of my favorite bluegrass tunes is called “Whiskey before breakfast”, those are interesting days. 8~))

    I was @ Waterloo brew pub with some friends several years ago in Austin. We were talking about books. A woman asked me who my favorite authors were. I named several and Carson McCullers was the only woman on the list. She pointed this out. I asked here who some great women writers were that I ought to read. She said Barbara Kingsolver and Margret Atwood. She may have named a few more, but those were the two I remembered and subsequently read. I have now read several books by both, and they are great. I would recommend starting with “Prodigal Summer” by Barb & “Oryx & Crake” by Marg.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. “Oryx & Crake” is a good read, for sure. I would also recommend “The Blind Assassin”, by Atwood. Which reminds me, did you ever get around to reading any Andre Dubus? Specifically, “Dancing After Hours”?

  3. My list: Stephen King, Jack Chalker, Herman Wouk, Clive Cussler, Madelene L’Engle, Chuck Klosterman, Leon Hale, Baker Lee, Michael Pollan, A. A. Milne, Harry Turtledove, Anna Quidlen, George Will, Piers Anthony, Naomi Klein.

    Wow, three women.

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