Sunday list

– I really wish that the Science Channel would quit interrupting tonight’s Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman with commercials for Sarah Palin’s “reality” show on TLC. Her shrill voice and odd sentence constructions are like an ice pick in my ear. And never in my life have I heard someone utter the word “tranquility” in a more un-tranquil way.

– James’ 40th birthday party was last night. Like old people, we started our day yesterday at 7AM. Like young people, we had guests until almost 4AM. When I woke up this morning, my liver was standing in the corner of the bedroom, tapping its foot,  arms crossed. I tried to walk by to go to the bathroom, and it reached out and punched me in the face. I had it coming.

– I was at the store a couple of days ago getting stuff for the party when I saw a bunch of cute stuffed dogs on an end cap. Being an aunt now, my eye is caught by potential Rowan/Molly presents on a regular basis. Then I saw that the dog sings and dances to Who Let the Dogs Out, and I knew my brother would kill me if I introduced that to his house. So I kept walking. A few seconds later, I heard the strains of that once over-played and now residing-in-a-stuffed-dog song coming from the end of the aisle. I casually walked back over there, you know, just to see if the dog had any moves, and I saw a lady laughing and sort of dancing along with the dog (I didn’t even notice the dog because she was entirely more entertaining). We laughed together, she said something in Spanish and then the song stopped. A nice moment, I thought, as I began to push my cart past. She then activated the singing, dancing frog (I can’t remember what song that was), and I felt like she’d jumped the shark.

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