come on baby light my FIE-YUH

building a fire

Since it’s been slightly sorta cool-ish, James and I have been enjoying a fire in the chiminea and a glass of wine in the back 40 each evening. I took this shot Friday night and thought, “Oh lookie, some orbs. Cool.” I know, I know…orbs are caused by particles in the air captured by the digital camera blah blah blah. I say, Chamus the Famous and a few other spirits were out for a visit. I took the next shot 8 seconds after the one above (I checked) and was slightly disturbed:

holy shit!

Uh, James? You might want to come back inside the house. Very slowly. And don’t look behind you.

I ended up taking lots of shots Friday night, and all featured some pretty amazing orbs. A few had a lot of color – one was orange, and when you zoom in you can see flecks of green and blue. Trippy. I’m glad we have an outdoor evening activity – I usually spend my nights surfing the internet or screwing with one of my eighteen writing projects. It’s good to get some fresh air and unplug. We had fires each of the last three nights, with the one last night adding to the spooky Halloween vibe.

Halloween is one of my favorite nights of the year. I love seeing little kids dressed up in costumes, and the choices they make provide an interesting glimpse into the younger demographic’s zeitgeist (or maybe that of their parents, who often tend to be younger than I am too). When we lived in the Heights, we always had at least 100 kids come knocking, sometimes arriving in groups of 10 that jumped off the backs of pick up trucks and came running. I miss that. Our current neighborhood isn’t set up for high traffic in the trick and/or treating arena. That’s partially the reason we moved here – to get away – but this is one crappy side effect.

I bought one small bag of “just in case” candy, which is a good thing because at about 7:45PM the doorbell rang. There were six elementary- to middle school-aged girls at the door. They claimed to be the only group out and about. The huge amount of candy in each of their baskets would suggest that a) our neighbors bought some just in case candy too and b) they didn’t have anyone to give it to so these kids hit the mother lode. Though I’d be slightly creeped out walking up the dark driveways in our neighborhood, I can see that it was worth it on a risk-to-candy-retrieval ratio.

After our one set of candy-seeking visitors, it seemed no one else would be stopping by. So we turned off the lights in the house and hit the backyard. We have a couple of those fold up fabric chairs like you’d take camping. The cup holder in the arm rest perfectly holds a bottle of wine. Our back yard is so deep (and there are so few lights) we can’t see the end of it at night. We see hints of the sky and a sprinkling of stars through the trees, and it feels like we’re out camping. Only in this camping reality, we get to use indoor plumbing and sleep in a bed. A slight fulfillment of my cabin in the woods fantasy has come true, and I am grateful.

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3 responses to “come on baby light my FIE-YUH”

    • Funny thing about that, Conn – I’ve never been camping. So James suggested I try sleeping in a tent in the backyard for a taste of the experience. If I don’t like it – because of bugs or orbs or Chamus the Famous scratching at the tent’s entrance – I can just go inside. City camping. Might be something to it.

  1. I love camping, but outside of the Kerrville Folk Festival, I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like. So, I have all this camping gear that gets bored & lonely because I never take it out. Closest thing I have to a girlfriend, I suppose.

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