I never promised you a rock garden


rock garden

After spending my three days off stuck in front of the computer completing SOOP’s application to the Idea Fund, I decided it was time for some manual labor. The yard has been neglected since early summer, so there was plenty to do. I like rock gardens and planned to create one. Only I couldn’t figure out where to find big rocks, which I realize sounds like the problem of an idiot. Houston isn’t exactly abundant in areas where you can go rock pickin’, and the places we went to yesterday were for people who were buying by the ton not the handful. So the large rock garden is still on hold. A few friends, in response to my query on facebook, gave recommendations of places to check out. There’s always next weekend.

In the interim, I planted some succulents in a little bed in the backyard. I put the larger stones around the perimeter, leaving dirt around the plants. Then this morning the squirrels starting digging for gold, so I put rocks on the bed today. Good luck, little bastards. They (and the abundant rain of late spring) ruined my garden. So I hope the rocks prove to be a deterrent.


heavier than one would think


James’ 40th birthday is in a few weeks, and this chiminea is an early birthday present. The thing is heavier than you might think, unless you’ve carried a chiminea before. The two guys at the store who put it in my car this morning only weighed about 95 pounds each, so I thought I’d be able to carry it myself (I’m country strong) or at least be able to carry it with James. It took both of us to get it to the backyard, and I’m pretty sure I heard something pop. Probably an ovary. It adds a lovely dash of color to our very green backyard. We’re going to season it for the next few days so when it actually cools down, we’ll be ready to roll. We’re both looking forward to some cool, mosquito-free nights and glasses of wine in front of the fire (which, hopefully, will remain contained within the chiminea).

I walked around the backyard gathering sticks to use for the fire when I stopped by to visit Chamus the Famous. The grass was encroaching a bit on the gravestone, so I cleared that off. While there, I found a pop top. It did not blow out my flip flop, thankfully. I haven’t seen one of those in a decade or two, so I left it there. You shouldn’t walk around my backyard barefoot because of the dog shit, so I’m not worried that someone will walk all the way back there and impale themselves on the lone pop top. I always find random stuff in our yard. This is an odd, odd place.



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