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I didn’t forget about you this week, my friends. I’ve been knee deep (in more ways than one) trying to finish Six Of One Productions’ application to the Idea Fund. It’s an arts grant program powered by the Andy Warhol Foundation that, I would assume, is highly competitive. We had to submit a three-minute video in addition to a narrative description of the project. It was the video that was my downfall. This wasn’t procrastination. I’ve been talking about this project for months. It was other peoples’ schedules that were jacked. BUT – I finished before 4PM, and the deadline wasn’t until 11:59PM today. So I had almost 8 hours to spare. Trust me when I say I’ve cut it much closer than that on grant apps for work.Where they pay me to do this stuff.

Anyway, on to the (down and dirty) Friday list.

– Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis are in a movie together. I love both of them for completely divergent reasons, so I will have to see this movie. It’ll probably be awesome or shit, either of which are better than mediocre.

– I am not a fan of cliffhanger facebook updates. I find them annoying. I’ve started paying more attention to them lately to see if my theory is correct. It is. The people who write cliffhanger status updates are almost exclusively single. Those of us in boring old relationships don’t post that crap. If I did, James would just walk across the house to my room, where I’m holed up with my laptop and a bottle of wine, and ask me what my problem was. Yawn. But lonely single gal can post something that maybe the guy from will think is about him, or mabye that guy from the mailroom, or maybe her young neighbor who just moved in but might be gay. That can keep her (and potentially one or two guys) occupied for the greater part of a Tuesday night. (I say this as a person who was single for a long time, so I’m not trying to be shitty. I just really, really don’t like cliffhanger facebook updates and feel they must be transparent to even the most thick-skulled among us.)

– While watching the miners being birthed from the earth a couple of days ago, I was surprised to not see Sheila Jackson Lee in front of the cameras. With her braids and shit. She must not have been able to book a flight.

Seriously? A guy named Rich Whitney is accidentally listed as “Rich Whitey” on ballots in Chicago? And half of those ballots are in black neighborhoods? Damn. Can’t make that shit up. He’s on the Green Party ticket, so you can be sure that he probably is white but probably isn’t rich.

This is laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe because I’m a dog lover. It’s a somewhat long read (for the internet) but totally worth the effort.

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4 responses to “Friday list”

    • When I got to the picture of the dog in the car, I think I snarfed whatever beverage I was drinking. That site has some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read.

      • Even more awesome, Phil, is that Lee’s Republican opponent (John Faulk) has linked to my blog because of my snarky comment about her. His staff obviously didn’t check out too many of my other entries before sending their supporters to this site…

        About Faulk: “Faulk, a pro-life, balanced budget, small government, candidate also characterizes Lee as the single most liberal member of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

        Well then he ought to just LOVE my blog.

  1. RE. “annoying Facebook cliffhangers” My good friends from Austin were over a few weeks ago and we decided to make a site called “Vaguebook” where we find annoying Facebook cliffhangers and post them and that’s the whole website. So, basically, I feel you. I hate them as well.

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